The Eastern Sun Emirates

Everyone has a master. That's just life in the Eastern Sun Emirates. It's probably the same everywhere. If you're a commoner like me, finding an Emir that values a steady hand with a rifle, or a gentle touch on a Heavy Gear's control yoke, is the best way to get out of the farms and factories and into someplace where you can have a little power, even if it's only at your master's sufferance. I try to stay out of the politic unless the boss tells me to, though. 
- Sergeant Marcello Goris

The Humanist Alliance

The Humanist Alliance is mankind's greatest social engineering attempt. We've fought and struggled to create a society where everyone knows their role. As part of this, we've all but eliminated poverty, discrimination, and countless other diseases of society. If only we didn't have to deal with the toxic influences from our neighboring, less perfect, Leagues...
- Protector Kavin Mestaine, Hetaroi Commander


Unlike some of these reprobates, I joined the MILICIA willingly. Well, almost willingly. These troops are my children, though, and it's my job to get them home safe.
-MILICIA Lieutenant Garr Selvin

Southern Honor

The Southern polar regions of Terra Nova are a warm mix of biomes including jungles, swamps, and plains. Despite being home to indigenous and poisonous creatures, the region was highly desirable to the early colonists of Terra Nova and many city-states were founded.  Settlement and expansion was governed by the unified earth governemnt known as the Human Concordat until they were forced to withdraw due to financial issues. Terra Nova was left to it's own resources, and the South was home to the formation of several Leagues that were eventually unified into the Allied Southern Territories. The most populated region of Terra Nova, the Allied Southern Territories were formed by a combination of diplomacy and military strength to provide safety and economic advantages to the member Leagues.

The dominant League of the Allied Southern Territories is the Southern Republic. While AST propaganda often portrays the other leagues as 'partners' in reality the Southern Republic is in control of many activities in the South. The Southern Republic's government is known for harsh, totalitarian action, but the citizens enjoy a great deal of personal freedom as compared to their northern counterparts. The Southern Republican Army is a well-trained and highly prestigous military force. Officers are held to high standards of honor and are expected to contribute to charities and maintain the Republic's image. Intrigue is common, however, and officers dishonored may be forced to accept a demotion to service in the MILICIA to continue to serve. The SRA is known for being well-equipped and well-trained.

The MILICIA (MILitary Intervention and Counter-Insurgency Army) is the South's unified military force. This force draws from all of the Southern city states and fircition between recruits from different Leagues is not uncommon. The MILICIA is also known for pillaging and brutalityL The force's budget is limited, so troops often commandeer food and other supplies while deployed in the field. The diverse troops are often unruly and known for rioting. The MILICIA also fields convicted criminals assigned to military service. Their poor morale and discipline is considered a result of thei relationship with the Southern Republican Army. MILICIA forces are often assigned to objectives the SRA feels are distasteful or beneath their abilities. This often includes missions where heavy loss of life is expected. The MILICIA must often make do with older Gears and other military equipment, which fuels their resentment of the more prestigious SRA. 

The Mekong Dominion is the economic power house of the South. Many believe that the mekong government is actually more powerful than that of the Southern Republic, but acts in more subtly ways by manipulating markets and trade deals. The Mekong Dominion is governed by a council fo corporations and citizens must purchase shares in the government to have even basic rights. 

The Mekong Dominion Peacekeepers are primarily tasked as a league-wide police force. In this role they are known as a professional and disciplined force with a tradition of honor and intregrity based off ancient Samurai traditions from Earth. When additional military power is needed, the Mekong Dominion often employs mercenary forces.

The Eastern Sun Emirates is a rare hereditary aristocracy on Terra Nova. The government is arranged along feudal lines, with Emirs owing loyalty to a single Patriarch. In recent history, Patriarch Oliver Masao ignited a brutal civil war by announcing his intent to abdicate to his last remaining blood relative. Patriarch Masao, known for hedonism and suspected of insanity, wanted to witness the chaos he beleived was inevitable when he vacated his position. This time, known as the Mother's Massacre, was the beginning of a period of turbulence for the League as some emirs fought to ascend to the throne while others fought to address the league's long history of social injustices. Patriarch Oliver Masao's death and the mariage of Nigel Shirow, a popular emir known for better treatment of commoners, and Lysia Masao, the last remaining Masao brought a measure of peace to the League. There are still several city-states that do not acknowledge the new regime as wella s emirs looking to settle grudges with other emirs, making life int he ESE dangerous.

The ESE does not have a unified military force. Each emir is expected to recruit, train, and equip a force for defense of their lands as well as support of the Patriarch and defense of the League. This leads to Emirate military forces varying widely in composition and quality. 

Caste-based, with each resident assigned to a role that has been identified to best suite them, the Humanist Alliance is seen by many as working with machine-like precision and unity. The level of civil unrest in the league was low to the point where outsiders often whispered of 'brainwashing' of citizens. Citizens were assigned to the preceptor, protector, or commoner castes and a branch of the government was tasked to monitor and 'adjust' society as needed.

The Humanist Alliance has recently been devastated by a massive engineered plague that destroyed the leaders, or perceptor castem of the Southern League. The virus was revealed as a Sounthern Republic plot to destory the Humanists, but the League did recover despite cycles of struggle. In the aftermath of this and the CEF invasion, the HUmanist Alliance has officially broken ties with the Allied Southern Territories and made alliances with PAK and NuCoal as well as local trade agreements and alliances with the Eastern Sun Emirates. 

The 'Twin Falcon Contingent' engineered virus that devastated the preceptor class left the league in chaos. The Southern Republic sent in MILICIA troops and annexed most of the League while the Humanist Alliance Protector Forces fought a guerilla battle for the freedom of their league. The HUmanist Alliance was eventually restored and has taken the opportunity to strengthen ties to NuCoal and PAK. 

Forged in Fire Southern Field Guide

Forged in Fire: Southern Field guide is a major expansion to Heavy Gear Blitz focusing on the Southern armies.

This book includes:

  • Details the Allied Southern Territories and its various military forces.
  • Comprehensive history of the Southern Leagues.
  • Developments of the War for Terra Nova.
  • Army Construction rules for the MILICIA, Southern Republican Army, Humanist Alliance Protection Force, The Eastern Suns Emirate Retinues, The Mekong Peacekeepers, and Mercenary Guild armies.

Forged in Fire: The Southern Field Guide

DP9-9266Softcover, 176 Full Color Pages
DP9-9266+PDFSoftcover, 176 Full Color Pages and PDF Download
Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Core Rulebook Companion

The new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion is a rules supplement that adds a new and exciting style of game play to Heavy Gear Blitz! This book takes the field test rules featured in the first 3 issues of our Gear UP eZine and revises the Locked & Loaded rulebook sections with new rules flow charts for ease of use and new datacards for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniatures.
Softcover, 54 pages, Black & White

DP9-9997Black & White
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PDFIncluded with Locked & Loaded PDF
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