Holiday Season Update!


The Holidays Season are in full swing and we are celebrating by bringing back our Task Force Deals and Armour Deals for the North, PRDF, and CEF factions!

On top of this, we are offering Free Shipping for all orders over $50.00 to the USA and Canada. Plus our International Customers will enjoy reduced shipping rates for the holidays.

New Hybrid Resin & Pewter Miniatures

Dream Pod 9 has started to convert some of our Heavy Gear Blitz Resin Miniature blisters into Hybrid Resin and Pewter kits. The larger parts will remain in our high quality resin and the small parts such as weapons, antenna, etc. with be switched over to pewter metal. The main reason for the new Hybrid kits is that small metal parts like antennas and guns will be less likely to snap off if a miniature is dropped. The first of these new Hybrid kits is the Hussar Walker for the NuCoal faction, you check out the Hybrid Parts photo below. Other miniatures that have been converted include the Fusilier Hovertank, Voltigeur Main Battletank, HT-68 Hovertank, HT-72 Hovertank, Mammoth Strider, and Naga Strider.

We will be updating the parts photos on the DP9 Online Store in the coming week and as other miniatures are converted.

Project Status

This entry will be kept updated with project status for creating the new Dream Pod 9 web site.
Major Sections:

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Triple Threat: the New Bear/Den Mother/Mad Dog R Kit

Here's a sneak peak at components inside the Bear/Den Mother/Mad Dog R Two Pack [DP9-9126]. This is a new kit layout for Dream Pod 9 designed to provide access to three different models based on older chassis in a combined kit. The WFPA and Leagueless both make use of the outdated but still useful Mad Dog R and Bear Chassis (with the Den Mother command variant) and this kit allows for two models to be built.



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