We are happy to announce the first Jovian Wars Golden Exo Miniature Painting Competition, see all the details and graphic below.

With 6 Categories:
Best Fighter/Bomber Squad (3 Fighters or Bombers on squad base)
Best Spaceship (1 Spaceship on base plate)
Best Jovian Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
Best CEGA Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)
Best Venus Force (Minimum 2 Spaceships & 2 Squads)

Prize for each Category Winner:
1 Golden Exo Trophy + $50 DP9 Online Store Credit.

New Chibi "Golden Exo Trophy" to be sculpted by Philippe F. LeClerc. Once he's finished we'll take photos and show everyone which Exo he decided to sculpt as the Chibi Exo.

Entries must be Jovian Wars scale Spaceships, Exos, Fighters, or Bombers.

Entry Deadline is Midnight EST on September 30th 2019.

Email entry photos to Robert Dubois at rdubois [at] dp9.com.