Welcome back again to another Feedback Friday, we are getting closer to a clear and stable rules edition for Heavy Gear Blitz 3.0. We cannot thank the entire Heavy Gear community enough for their support and feedback, which is helping us improve a game we all love.

We completed a lot this week and were able to make tons of edits mostly based off of everyone's feedback. Today's Feedback Friday post looks at updates to cover, armor piercing, commanders, special deployments, and a review of setup and deployment at the start of the game. You can checkout the full "HGB Rules 3.0 ALPHA v1.2 Update" post with links to download the updated Alpha Rules word file and other excel files on the DP9 Forum at the link below, login and join the discussion.

Also, Electronic Warfare is really taking shape. We would like your opinions on some of the finer details about ECM attacks (haywire). Check out the post at the link below.

And, we would like your take on reaction fire with direct attacks only unless it relates to forward observations or CBS. Check out the post at the link below.