Heavy Gear Blitz

Heavy Gear Blitz! is Dream Pod 9's fast-paced squad-level tabletop miniatures game. Strike forces from Terra Nova and other colony worlds battle the Colonial Expeditionary Forces of Earth for control of the future with small mecha called Heavy Gears as well as tanks, infantry, and other armored vehicles.

Heavy Gear Arena

Heavy Gear Arena is a skirmish-scale wargame based around Terra Nova's long tradition of dueling with mecha as established in other Heavy Gear works. Heavy Gear Arena can be played as stand-alone games, but the game has an extensive set of League rules to represent the challenges of stepping into the shoes of an Arena Duelist Manager and trying to keep a team of duelists and their equipment running throughout an entire season.

Other Game Lines

Dream Pod 9 has released an extensive series of game books with rules for tabletop miniatures play as well as role-playing games in a range of settings from the alternate-history of World War II in Gear Krieg to the distant future of CORE Command. These lines currently have limited support, but they're part of Dream Pod 9's history and we're stil proud of them.


Heavy Gear Tactical & RPG

Our Heavy Gear setting has been developed in many forms since 1995. The Heavy Gear Roleplaying is an early release and is still a way to explore the Heavy Gear setting ina  range of roles. We also still support the Tactical rules that are an extremely detailed rule set for Gear battles.


Jovian Chronicles and Lightning Strike

Set centuries in the future, mankind has conquered the solar system but cannot escape war between factions. As massive spaceships assault orbital habitats, Exo Armors (gigantic mecha built for outer space warfare) are launched and enemies engaged.

The Jovian Chronicles setting has been released as an RPG with miniatures support. Characters can be traders, military polits and officers, or countless other roles. 

Lightning Strike is a rule set designed to make Jovian Chronicles battles between space ships and exo armors fast and fun. The rules are created to represent some realities of combat in deep space,a s avodiing an enemy's sensors is much more valuable than carrying armor to block a shot at times.


Gear Krieg

Gear Krieg is set in an alternate universe version fo World War II where theAxis and Allied forces have added walkers, tesla cannons, and other strange artifacts of weird science to their arsenal. Gear Krieg has RPG material as well as tactical miniatures rules.


Tribe 8

Tribe 8 is a world of dream magic, supernatural horrors and Godlike figures called Fatimas -- all painted on the backdrop of the ruins of the modern world.

The Tribe 8 RPG places the players in the role of survivors trying to uncover the mysteries of these invaders as well as their fellow refugees.


CORE Command

CORE Command is a sweeping 'space opera' setting featuring massive starships and planet-shattering weapons designed for high-powered anime-inspired role playig action. The CORE Command rules can also be used as a base ruleset for editions of the Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles, and Gear Krieg role playing games.