Its now a week since we launched the Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Armed Forces Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter to fund the expensive plastic injection mold needed. So far $14,488 CAD has been pledged or 48% of our initial $30K CAD (23K USD) funding goal. There is now just under 10 days left in the campaign, which ends on Saturday February 3rd 2018 at 7:02 PM EST. Dream Pod 9 really needs this Kickstarter to fund successfully so that the subsequent Peace River and NuCoal Plastic Miniature Kickstarters can go ahead at the end of February and March as planned.

To hopefully entice more Backers and to thank and reward those already supporting the Utopia Kickstarter we have decided to add 9 more plastic miniatures to the Captain and Above Reward Level packages. This brings the Captain and Above Reward Level packages to 27 plastic Utopia miniatures when the Kickstarter hits its initial funding goal. We are also keeping Stretch Goals 1 to 6 that can add an additional 9 plastic miniatures when they are all unlocked, bringing the total up to 36 minis. Previously announced Stretch Goals 7 to 12 have been removed and their potential 9 additional minis are what we used to add to the Captain and Above Reward Level packages announced in this update.

The Captain Reward Level at $70 CAD ($53.85 USD) is an even better Backer thank you reward package now with 27 plastic miniatures (about $2.60 CAD or $2 USD per mini). Attached (below) are the updated Captain Reward Level and Hero of Utopia Reward Level graphics, that are now on the main campaign page. The original 18 plastic miniatures made 3 Combat Groups with primary units of strike, recce (recon), and support (fire support). The 9 additional plastic miniatures will make will make 3 support units of strike, recce (recon), and support (fire support) that can be placed with their matching primary units or with another to give your Combat Group different attack options.

Thank you all for your amazing support, please continue to share these updates with friends and the online community. We'll keep working hard to make the Kickstarter a success and any help you can give us getting the word out to potential backers is very appreciated. We are working on some more Heavy Gear Blitz Rules and Game Play videos that will be posted in upcoming updates. Visit the Utopia Kickstarter page at the link below and show your support of Heavy Gear Blitz with a pledge.…/heavy-gear-blitz-utopia-armed…