We just launched our Heavy Gear Blitz Utopia Armed Forces Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter at 7:02 pm EST today (January 17th, 2018). The Kickstarter campaigns initial goal is to raise $30,000 CAD (about 23K USD) needed to make the plastic injection mold for the new plastic miniatures and backer rewards. The campaign will run for 17 days ending on Saturday evening at 7:02 pm EST (February 3rd, 2018). We need everyone's support to make these new plastic miniatures for the Utopia faction a reality and if you can share news of the Kickstarter with friends and the online community it would be a great help.

We have a great Captain Reward Level at $70 CAD (about $53.85 USD) that includes a Utopia Patch and 3 squads (Strike, Recce, and Support) with a total of 18 plastic miniatures. Stretch Goals, once unlocked, will increase the total to 36 plastic miniatures. Plus higher reward levels add the new MAR-DK drone (resin model) and the large Gilgamesh Command Tank (resin model); see below for artwork and details. Treat yourself to a New Army for the New Year, by clicking on the link below!


We want to thank everyone for their feedback prior to our launch, we updated some of the graphics (Utopia Background & Vehicles and Heavy Gear History). Plus we added a What is Heavy Gear and Heavy Gear Blitz Wargame section with a brief Heavy Gear universe background and factions in the HGB Wargame. And a section on the Gear Grinder website that players can us to make fast datacard sheets for their forces combat groups. Lastly a Who is Dream Pod 9: History, Staff, & Contributors section with company history and photos of the core staff.