We ended our previously announced Kickstarter early, as it did not reach its initial funding goal in the first few days. Since then we posted a revised Kickstarter plan on the DP9 Forum to get everyones comments. We have been reading all the feedback and suggestions from backers and players on our Kickstarter Take 2 idea to break the Kickstarter into two, with one for Utopia and another for Peace River & NuCoal plastic miniatures. Lots of positive feedback on the Utopia plan with all its many $2K mini-stretch goals giving more plastic miniatures, so we have expanded on that idea and added Peace River and NuCoal back into the new updated Kickstarter ideas. Where once we have unlocked the last Utopia stretch goal then following stretch goals would be to unlock Peace River and NuCoal models along with the Heavy Gear Commander, Peace River, and NuCoal Reward Levels. As with the Take 2 ideas we’ll add the extra VTOL parts to the Commando Armiger and Commando Drone sprues right away. When we get to the Peace River and NuCoal models we’ll add the extra running legs and alternate arm parts and as many weapons as we can fit on the sprues as well.

The initial funding goal with be $30K CAD to produce a single plastic injection mold for the Utopia (UT) faction core models. With a basic Utopia Captain Reward Level of 18 plastic minis, when all 12 UT stretch goals are unlocked ($54K CAD pledged) the Utopia would then include an amazing 36 plastic minis for the pledge of $70 CAD. Then we would move on to Peace River and NuCoal, when all 12 PR and 12 NC stretch goals are unlocked ($110K CAD pledged) the Peace River and NuCoal armies would include 18 plastic minis each, a great deal for a pledge of $70 CAD each. The Heavy Gear Commander Reward Level including the Utopia, Peace River, and NuCoal armies will be our best deal with 72 plastic minis for just a $130 CAD Pledge, when all the stretch goals are unlocked.

All the updated Kickstarter ideas are below for you to look over and give us your comments and feedback on, so we can have a successful Kickstarter.

Launch Date: Wednesday Evening January 17th, 2018

Length: 17 Days

Ending Date: Saturday Evening February 3rd, 2018


You can checkout the complete post on the DP9 Forum at the link below, login and leave your feedback.