Today Dream Pod 9 is launching a new weekly Facebook post called Feedback Friday that we'll be making at the end of each week.This is in response to our January 2018 update to the HGB Living Rulebook, which was rushed out just before the launch of our Utopia Armed Forces Plastic Miniatures Kickstarter. The update added some new Utopia and Peace River models (a good thing), but also implemented some rules changes that were not well received. We try our best with a small team of line developer and playtesters, but we are human and don't always get it right.

So along with the Feedback Friday post each week we have added a new Heavy Gear Blitz Rules Committee section to the DP9 Forum. The Heavy Gear Blitz Rules Committee is an effort by Dream Pod 9 to give players more say on updates to the HGB Living Rulebook ebook, the printed HGB Quick Start Rulebook, and HGB game play in general. Where we'll ask players to login to the DP9 Forum (creating an account is fast and easy if you don't already have one) and have their say on 1 to 4 Heavy Gear Blitz Polls a week and invite them to leave their feedback and ideas for improving the game. By typing your ideas there, you are giving Dream Pod 9 the permission to us any of them, that we decide will improve the HGB game.

Our goal is to use all the HGB Rules Committee poll results and feedback to make the printed HGB Quick Start Rulebook 2018 Edition announced as part of the Utopia Kickstarter the best rules and gameplay update possible. With 1 to 4 polls a week over the coming months we should be able to get all the game play issues resolved and have an ebook version of the planned printed book ready to show everyone this fall and get final feedback before its sent off to the printers.

Click the link below to our first Feedback Friday Polls, login, vote, and leave your feedback that we'll use for future Feedback Friday posts and polls.…