The WACS-01FS-AST Mammoth is the iconic Northern Strider, a massive walking tank armed with a powerful mix of weapons ranging from antitank missiles to light machine guns. The Mammoth has been an iconic part of the Heavy Gear since the earliest releases as part of the Northern Guard's arsenal.

The Mammoth is one of Terra Nova's first striders, and it's loping walk is responsible for the term 'strider' coming into common use on Terra Nova. It is a two-man unit that fills a similar role to the Northern Klemm tanks, but is more maneuverable on difficult terrain that might trap a tank.

The standard Mammoth is armed with a Fireball II ATM Launcher, a SB-90 Assault Gun Snub Cannon, two KJ-16 Minigun Light Machine Guns, and a GU-20 Medium Autocannon. It has armor equivalent to light tanks although it does have a problem in that it can be hard to find cover it can actually hide behind.

A New Era, A New Model 

Old Mammoth KitThe original all-pewter kit has been upgraded to be almost entirely resin and has been upgraded to include a wide selection of optional components to allow modelers to create several common variants.

The original kit, shown at right, has 18 pieces and includes minimal extras. It supported the two major Mammoth variants found in the Heavy Gear Blitz Tactical Miniatures Rules: the standard Mammoth and the Assault Mammoth variant. While a good kit, this model was not as flexible as the Mammoth described in Heavy Gear Blitz. The New Mammoth needed a wide range of new options to match the options in Heavy Gear Blitz.

The new kit, shown below, has 40 pieces. Of note, the torso and legs are now sculpted separately and there's many new components to better match the options this model now has in Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded.

The first row has several components to make a Command Mammoth, including the new cockpit piece as well as the APGL, AMS, and sensor module. The shoulders and torso blocks are similar to the older kit but have been freshly sculpted to be crisper and better-detailed. The first row ends with one of several weapon foreams. This particular forearm is one of two FGC/MAC combo arms.

The second row begins with an entire sprue containing parts for the Command Mammoth's hand. This hand is modeled to allow for a wide range of posability. Below this is a sprue with two more weapon mount forearms. To the right is the Mammoth's main hull. To the right of that is a sprue with the Anti Tank Missile Launcher and Snub Cannon weapon parts.

The next row starts with one of the two Sub Cannon forearms. The next piece is the LMG sprue followed by a HAC and MAC turret piece. The middle piece is the Mammoth's waist piece. The last two forearms are on a sprue finishing this row: these parts are for the missile launcher and the second Snub Cannon.

HGL Mount

The last row has two feet followed by two leg pieces. Finally, two sprues contain additional weapon options: The first piece of each sprue is the FGC/MAC weapon barrels The next two parts form the hatch and VLRP while the final part is a HGL that can be used on the Snub Cannon arms. The completed HGL assembly is show to the left.

Field Upgrade Kits

or those with older Mammoth miniatures, the new resin pieces wil be sold as an upgrade kit as well. The individual parts are described above. This kit it intended fr those who have Mammoth models and want to upgrade them without buying a complete new model kit.The contents of the upgrade kit are shown below.

Mammoth Strider Custom Pack

This is the upgraded Mammoth kit with resin hull and parts to make creating a Command Mammoth, Brawler Mammoth, or other variants much easier. 48mm tall 1/144 scale.

DP9-9147Mammoth Strider Custom Pack
The Mammoth Upgrade Kit includes components to make several Mammoth variants.

Mammoth Spotter's Guide: Common Variants

The following designs are common variants of the Mammoth as described in Northern Vehicle Compendium 1. These are by no means the only designs available with the current Heavy Gear Blitz rules, and we'd love to hear about your favorite custom designs on our forums.


WACS-01FS-HAST Assault Mammoth

The Assault Mammoth is a dedicated close-combat variant that is nearly as old a design as the standard Mammoth. The Assault variant became famous in video footage from the Battle of Baja in which these striders used their dual SB-90 Assault Gun Snub Cannons against the CEF hover tanks in the crowded streets of Baja.

This design removes the entire arm that holds the Fireball II ATM launcher in favor of a second Snub Cannon arm. Additionaly the turreted GU-20 Medium Autocannon is upgraded to 40mm Heavy Autocannon, which is this variant's only long-range weapon.

Blitz Note: The following options allow a Assault Mammoth to be fielded inHeavy Gear Blitz.

  • Swap the unit's MAC for a HAC (F, no Reloads) for +5 TV.
  • Swap the ATM launcher for a second SC (F, no Reloads) for -55 TV. 

WACS-01FS-SRT Brawler Mammoth

Brawler Mammoth

The Brawler Mammoth is a specialized variant of the Assault Mammoth for urban warfare conceived during the War of the Alliance. This design replaces the standard Mammoth's Fireball II ATM launcher and SB-90 Assault Gun Snub Cannon arms with two matched arms each containing a Fragmentation Cannon and a GU-20 Medium Autocannons.

The turret-mounted GU-20 found on the base design has been removed to make space for two massive Very Light Rocket Pods mounted in the Strider's armored 'shoulders.'

Blitz Note: A standard Brawler Mammoth would involve the following options.

  • Swap the ATM launcher for a second SC.
  • Swap both SC for a FGC and MAC.
  • Swap the Mammoth's MAC for 2x VLRP/128s.


WACS-01FS-C Command Mammoth

Command MammothThe Command Mamoth was released in the last phases of the War of the Alliance and is intended as a 'Mobile Office' for Northern battalion commanders.

 This variant is easily identified by the armored canopy that replaces the standard Mammoth's armored shell. This provides increased space in the interior and allows for a dedicated suite of tactical electronics and communciations gear to be installed. While the TOC-27 command computer and related hardware is no longer state-of-the-art, it still offers an excellent option for commanders who wish to lead from a bit closer to the front as opposed to a command van far in the rear.

These designs were often rebuilt from wrecked Mammoth chassis. The heavier weapons were removed as this unit was not intended for front-line duty, but a single SB-90 Snub Cannon is kept to discourage would-be attackers. The Fireball II ATM arm was replaced by a special manipulator arm that allows the Command Mammoth to aid in battlefield engineering efforts or engage in melee combat. The torso-mounted KJ-16 Miniguns have been replaced by an Anti-Personel Grenade Launcher.

The final and most useful portion of this variant design was the upgrade of the turret to include a secondary turret. This secondary turret contains an Antimissiile system and the expanded sensor suite. 

Blitz Note: The Command Mammoth is a standard option for Veteran Strider Squads.

N-MA4203X Mastodon

The Mastodon is a massive redesign of the venerable Mammoth that is just now becoming common in the units of the Northern Guard and Allies. Two prototypes are described in Northern Vehicle Compendium 1.

The first is a new design: it resembles the classic Mammoth, but is described as an almost totally reengineered design. This design mounts a Vulcan-20 VHAC instead of the Fireball II ATM Launcher. The SB-90 Assault Gun is similar to the standard Mammoth. The weapons mounted on the main hull are quite different: The turret now mounts a KR-88 Fragmentation Cannon while a Heavy Grenade Launcher is the only weapon mounted on the main hull. The prototype has several design faults, however, including inefficient controls, electronics glitches, and structural defects. 

The second prototype is intended to correct faults with the first prototype. This prototype was built by mounting the new Mastodon weapons package on a standard Mammoth chassis and upgrading various other systems. A noticable feature of this design is the heavily upgraded cockpit featuring a large reinforced plastic canopy to resolve sensor issues.

Blitz Note: The core of the Mastodon is the “Mastadon refit” option which is a Veteran Option for any Mammoth. This improves the unit's defensive modifiers. 

Replicating the prototype's weapon package is a bit more difficult. It appears the Mastodon's new VHAC was never approved for general use and there is no option to take a turret-mounted FGC or to remove the torso-mounted LMGs. The following options are a suggestion to replicate the feel of the Mastodon prototype in spirit if not exactly.

  • Swap the Mammoth's MAC for a HAC. 
  • Swap ithe ATM launcher for a second SC.
  • Swap the new SC for a FGC and MAC.


  • Swap the new SC for HGLs.