We just added the remaining Jovian Wars spaceships to the Dream Pod 9 Online Store. The new ships available include Gagarin Tender and Lennox Cargo ships, plus remastered Athena Destroyer, Javelin Frigate, & Thunderbolt Frigate for the Jovian faction. And for the CEGA faction we have the new Appalachian Cargo, Charon Cargo Transport, & Icarus Fuel Transport ships, plus remastered Bricriu Corvette, Hachiman Destroyer, Tengu Escort Carrier, & Uller Missile Cruiser ships.

Attached to the post are photos of the assembled Jovian and CEGA resin spaceship miniatures available now.

Also available are the previously released Jovian faction ships (Alexander, Majestic, Forge, Ypres, Corsair, Intrepid, & remastered Valiant) and CEGA faction ships (Constantinople, Birmingham, Narwal, Hammerhead, Hydra, Chin, Detroit, & remastered Poseidon). Plus all their resin habitat or special ship sections are available to order as parts. Here is a link to Jovian Wars ships ordering page for those interested and we also have two great starter packages there as well.

We are planning a second Jovian Wars Kickstarter for Spring 2018 to get all the Venus faction spaceships and a few new exo squads produced. If you want to checkout the Jovian Wars game we have a free to download Beta Rules ebook available on DriveThruRPG at the following link.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!