Naga Myths & Legends

The OWCS-01AS Naga is one of the earliest and most iconic Heavy Gear designs. As the counterpart to the Northern Mammoth it is a fast, mobile, strider that is more like a gunship than the walking tank the North fields.

The Naga has recently been revitalized with the Naga Strider Custom Pack. a resculpted model for this classic design which also includes components to make several variants, including the Black Talon Dark Naga variant.

The Naga is one of the most recognizable and unique designs fielded by Republican forces as well as the other Southern league armies. It is remembered by many Republicans as part of a popular recruitment campaign. While Republican Heavy Industries is the primary manufacturer, many Nagas are produced under license in various city states and incorporate locally-available components and minor design tweaks into the production runs.

The standard Naga is a two-legged armless walker with a two-person crew. The legs are reverse-articulated and can fold under the hull for increased 'road speed' as well as reducing the profile of the Strider. When folded, the Naga uses individually powered wheels in the feel and knees of the unit. The crew members are arranged with a gunner in the front seat and the pilot behind the gunner.

As a weapons platform, the Naga is equipped with two Pilum-VI missile launchers as it's primary armament. Each has four Anti-Tank Missiles. A twin-barrel MT-30 Autocannon Rifle is mounted under the Naga's chin.

A distinctive feature of the Nagais the sensor array mounted on three limited-articulation arms. These allow the Naga to see around obstacles and target opponents without exposing itself.

The mission of the basic Naga is described as rapid breakthrough assaults. Nagas are often teamed with Heavy Gear squads that can designate targets for the Naga's missiles. The Strider and Gears are both highly maneuverable and can rapidly advance to take advantage of weak spots in enemy lines. However, training for Naga crews emphasizes the cost of the strider, crew, and the guided missiles, and encourages Naga pilots to withdraw from threatening situations.

The Naga Reborn

The new Naga Strider Custom Kit has 26 parts. Some of the parts of particular interest are the two-part hull, armored cockpit cover (for the Dark Naga variant) and the array of weapon options.

The components to the left and right of the legs are the HGLC parts. Below the left HGLC is a srue to conver these to Heavy Grenade Launchers. The Command Nagas's satellite dish and antenna can be seen to the bottom left of the image.

Please note that this is the resin master and the actual kit will be in pewter.

Naga Spotter's Guide

The variants below are based off the variants presented in Southern Vehicle Compendium One and other sources. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the variants that can be made with the Heavy Gear Blitz! rules.

OWCS-01AS Naga

The standard Naga is found in many Southern forces.

Blitz Note: As with many Naga variants, the Naga is fielded as part of a Strider Cadre.

OWCS-01OU Command Naga

The Command Naga is a variant that allows a Southern field commander to command from a highly-mobile platform that can still carry an impressive amount of communications and electronic warfare equipment.

The Command Naga adds backup communications, ECM and ECCM gear, improved communications, and a satellite uplink at the cost of an ATM launcher.

Blitz Note: The Command Naga is a veteran option for a Strider Cadre. The Command Naga has it's own datacard.

OWCS-01FS Long Fang Naga

The Long Fang Naga is one of the most common variants of the base Naga and provides mobile artillery support to Southern forces. The 90 mm cannons used are identical to those used in most Southern field artillery, and demand for the guns is always high.

The Long Fang replaces the Pilum-VI missile launchers with 90 mm Light Field Guns. The massive recoil from these guns requires the Naga deploy stabilizers or lower into a fixed position to fire.

Blitz Note: To field a Long Fang Naga, select the option for a Strider Cadre which allows replacing the ATM launchers for 2x LFGs and Stabilizer Mounts.

OWCS-01TE Sniper Naga

The Sniper Naga is intended to provide anti-aircraft support to units that may outpace traditional anti-aircraft platforms. The original Sniper Nagas were built with 8 MW laser turrets intended for Visigoth main battle tanks, but the unit was successful and is now a recognized variant of the succesful Naga platform. As the modifications added powerful targeting systems, the Sniper Naga is also capable of precision strikes at enemy troops. The Sniper Naga does not have a chin-mounted weapon, as that mount is used for additional targeting equipment

Due to the complex electronics and the difficulty of shielding them on the Naga's compact hull, the design is vulnerable to certain exotic energy effects.

Blitz Note: The Sniper's most distinctive feature can be represented by the veteran option for a Strider Cadre which states that "One Naga may swap its ATMs and MAC for 2x LLC (F, no Reloads, Sniper System) and
Vulnerable to Haywire." This effectively replicates the Sniper Naga. Some modeling effort will be required to build the Light Laser Cannons for the Sniper Naga, however.

OWCS-01HAS Tusked Naga

The Naga has a powerful offensive punch with the twin Pilum-VI missile launchers, but some missions require even more powerful weapons. The Tusked Naga was conceived at the same time as the base Naga for these kind of mission.

The Tusked Naga replaces both Pilum-VI missile launchers with a single Matterhorn-VII Heavy Anti-Tank Missile launcher. This provides a punch that can threaten the heaviest of tanks as well as landships or fortifications. However, the single ATM pod is an unbalancing weight mounted high on the Naga's hull and the sensor and control pod mounted on the opposite side does not help the design, resulting in an unstable design, Additionally, the Tusked Naga requires oversized stabilizers that are slow to deploy. Finally the weight reduces the platform's fuel efficiency and effective deployment range.

Due to the limited and costly ammunition the Tusked Naga is an uncommon variant and crews and commanders are hesitant to throw away these specialized machines.

Blitz Note: An 'Improved' Tusked Naga can be buit by taking the veteran option to remove a Naga's LFGs and replace them with a 2x HATM. This provides the same effective weapons loadout without the unstable flaw.

Dark Naga

As the Black Talons reached out to Caprice and the other colony worlds to fight against the CEF, the ubiquitous Naga was selected as aprt of the Dark program. The earliest Naga Striders fielded by Black Talons had rudimentary stealth coating added that helped break up the Naga's tall profile, but did little to truly conceal the large vehicle.

The true Dark Naga variant was finalized and is quite different from the standard Naga. The Dark Naga is intended for a slightly different battlefield role, so the Dark Naga replaces the Pilum-VI missile pods with dual Heavy Rocket Pods capable of saturation fire. This is only the standard configuration, as all Black Talon vehicles are frequently reconfigured with mission-specific weapon payloads. The rocket pods can be easily replaced by Heavy Gatling Laser Cannons, Heavy Grenade Launchers, or a 'command' module simialr to the Command Naga. The pods can also be replace by the Naga's standard Pilum-VI missile launcher when guided munitions are required.

The Dark Naga also has a redesigned cockpit with an armored plate that is almost reminiscient of the Northern Mammoth that provides better protection for the crew. The entire chassis is covered with integrated stealth coating as is standad with all Dark-series designs.

Blitz Note: An armored cockpit for the Dark Naga is included in the Naga Strider Custom Kit.

The Dark Naga is the standard Strider used in a Black Talon Mobile Ordinance Elements team. As stated above, the Dark Naga has a range of weapon options, and many of the above variants may be assumed to have a similar 'Dark' variant.

Additional Variants

The Naga has several other canon variants, but these were either highly specialized (The OWCS-01AQ Sea Naga, a dedicated maritime version) or prototypes with unusual weapon options (S810-X Spitting Naga and S810-X2 Hissing Naga) that are not possible represent in Heavy Gear Blitz!