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Peace River

They wouldn't let me join the army the first time I tried. I called a recruiter the day after Peace River was bombed, but they "weren't accepting applications due to current events." The current events being our home being blown up! I ended up joining up with the rescue and cleanup teams and spent three cycles in the worker barracks they threw up in warehouses. Finally they let me join the military, but I know I'd really been signed up since the day the CEF set off that bomb.
-PFC Wickman Mars, P.R.D.F.

Peace River: Rebuilding
from Devastation

Sales of the Pit Bull light security and patrol gear are up 18% this quarter while sales of the Warrior remain flat. The recent military action has been costly, but I'm confident that the recent CEF activity will make it easier for our salespeople to convince Badlands community that they need something better than a rusted-out Jager to defend their homestead.

-Unnamed Paxton Arms Product Manager

Peace River is a city-state in the badlands dominated by the Paxton Arms corporation. In addition to selling armaments to all Terra Novan factions, Paxtion Arms and the community of Peace River became a rallying point for Badlands communities during the CEF's first, failed, invasion of Terra Nova. Their leadership as well as manufacturing strength allowed the polar forces to rally and drive the CEF from the planet. Peace River, despite limited population and holdings, became a powerful political entity on Terra Nova. 

The CEF did not forget this, and in TN 1939 terrorist forces destroyed Peace River with an anti-matter device. Their intent was to remove a major opponent and use the chaos to pin the blame on the polar powers and cause the Interpolar War to spin further out of control, This plan appears to have backfired, though: Peace River survived and rebuilt, and the bombing was the catalyst for peace talks that ended the Interpolar War. 

This was not enough for Paxton's CEO, Gerald Simosa. Ending the war was not enough, and Peace River became the first contributor to the Black Talons, convincing the Polar superpowers to join in on the multi-national strike force. Even as the communities and businesses of Peace River rebuilt, prototype next-generation Gears and equipment were readied for both the Peace River Defense Force as well as their allies, the Black Talons.

Peace River forces are organized into two variants. The Peace River Defense Force is their 'military' and acts to protect Peace river and their Badlands allies. The Peace Officer Corps is a police force equipped with Gears and other vehicles to help keep the peace in Peace River and badlands communities.  

Despite building weapons for the other factons, Peace River struggled to build their own walkers and some units still make do with Gears purchased from the polar leagues.

Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual: Core Rulebook Companion

The new Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual - Core Rulebook Companion is a rules supplement that adds a new and exciting style of game play to Heavy Gear Blitz! This book takes the field test rules featured in the first 3 issues of our Gear UP eZine and revises the Locked & Loaded rulebook sections with new rules flow charts for ease of use and new datacards for the Heavy Gear Blitz! miniatures.
Softcover, 54 pages, Black & White

DP9-9997Black & White
DP9-9997cFull Color
PDFIncluded with Locked & Loaded PDF
PDFIncluded with Black Talon: Return to Cat's Eye PDF
HGB Locked & Loaded Rulebook Rev 1.1 (Full Color, Softcover)

Welcome to the 62nd century and the world of Terra Nova. Colonized by humans, left to fend for itself, and divided between two rival superpowers, recent events have brought this formerly united planet once more to the brink of war. The harsh battlefields of Terra Nova are home to a new type of fighting machine: the 15 foot tall war walkers called Heavy Gears. Filling a role between tanks and infantry, it has radically altered the face of warfare. The battle for Terra Nova has begun. Will you fight for honor, for pride, or for the land to call your own?
Heavy Gear Blitz – Locked & Loaded includes revised, streamlined miniature wargaming rules, with plentiful rule examples. Faster to learn, faster to play. Also included within this book:

  • An introduction to the world of Terra Nova.
  • 4-page map section covering all of Terra Nova.
  • A scenario generator that encourages tactical victory conditions, designed to work well with leagues and tournaments, including basic campaign rules.
  • Comprehensive Field Guides for the Northern Guard, Southern MILICIA, Peace River Defense Force, and Port Arthur Korps, along with individual Member League Armies and the Leagueless to support you in building your forces.
  • Regiments of Note listings covering the more interesting and unique regiments on Terra Nova.
  • 6-page miniatures gallery including an assembly and painting guide. Timeline covering from before the Interpolar War to the formation of the Westphalia Cabinet and the Black Talons.
  • 90+ datacards, covering all the standard vehicles used in the Field Guides.

A core miniature game rulebook for all players; Requires the use of six-sided dice (not included) and Dream Pod 9 miniatures. For two or more players, age 8 and older.
The Heavy Gear Blitz Locked & Loaded Rulebook Revised Edition Rev 1.1 includes some new pictures of miniatures not available when the book was first released. Plus small rules and text revisions along 1 new page of datacards and 3 pages of quick reference sheets at the end, that bring the interior page count up to 204 pages.

DP9-9996cFull Color, Softcover
DP9-9996sBlack & White, Softcover
PDFIncludes Field Manual Rules Update

Core Content

Article Updated
The Field Manual The Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual is the updated core rules for Heavy Gear Blitz. 6 years 5 days
Heavy Gear Camo Patterns 6 years 6 months
Heavy Gear Blitz Master Series Paint Set Information about the new paint set. 6 years 11 months
Heavy Gear Paint Set 6 years 6 months