Terra Nova Gambit - The War for Terra Nova Book 2

'What's left to do?" Sergeant Major James Anders asked his commander in the decrepit old Jaguar. Anders knew it was only a matter of time before the end would come for the land fleet they had been guarding. The fleet officer had told the gear sections to retreat once the order was given.

"Not long, son. They'll give us the word," Colonel Arlens replied. At seventy nine cycles, the grizzled War of the Alliance veteran was nearly the oldest member in the provisional regiment. The unit had been thrown together at the last minute to defend the Protectorate from the approaching invaders. None of the pilots on the field were younger than fifty cycles and most were near the colonel's age. Sergeant Major James found himself on the younger end of the spectrum, but no less committed to the cause.
The WFN Defiance, an aging carrier class landship, groaned in protest at the relentless attacks from the CEF forces in the canyon. The massive carrier inched past the gears engaged in the hopeless fighting. Anders could hear the strain of the landship's repulsor magnetic system echoing throughout the canyon's walls. At that moment, Sergeant James Anders knew what he always understood when he volunteered for the mission. There would not be any escape. Only the honor of dying next to his fellow soldiers.
In the face of overwhelming odds and desperation, Maderas Betomas, commander of the Defiance, issued his final order, setting the canyon ablaze in a nuclear holocaust.
In the first days of the Second Invasion, Terra Nova was gripped in desperate fighting in multiple fronts; however, nowhere were the battles fiercer than in the Barrington Basin.

Terra Nova Gambit - The War for Terra Nova Book 2 includes:

  • Background Information on the CEF's Utopian Colonial Corp Allies.
  • Utopian Uniforms, Ranks, Insignia, and Equipment.
  • Technical Data on the Armiger Auto Control Suit and the N-KIDU Autos.
  • Technical Data on the refitted HC-3 Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle.
  • Rules for fielding Utopian Colonial Corp Armies and the new CEF HC-3 Combat Group. New Regiments of Note for the CEF, Utopia, and Black Talon.
  • Advanced League and Campaign rules.
  • Campaign Scenarios for the Barrington, Space, and the new PAK Front. Discover the fate of Colonel Arthur and the Port Arthur Korps. Datacards for each of the vehicles presented in the books.

This Full Color, 54-page book is a campaign supplement for the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded Rulebook.
In addition to the core rulebook, a copy of Black Talon: Return to Cat's Eye, some six sided dice, and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures are required for play. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-9155cSoft cover, full color book