We have been working with graphic designer, Greg Perkins, to improve the graphics for the upcoming Utopia Kickstarter. It was pointed out that the new Ettin and Harpy names didn't follow the planned Utopia naming convention. The N-KIDU Drones take their name from the Sumerian epic of Gilgamesh and Enkidu. With Gilgamesh being the name of the new Command Tank for the faction.

So we have decided before the miniature is released to change the Ettin Drone name to MAR-DK, pronounced Marduk after the Sumerian sun God. And the Harpy VTOL upgrade for the Commando N-KIDU Drone is changing to N-LIL, pronounced Enlil after the Sumarian wind God. Check out the attached graphic with the improved look that Greg has prepared for the Utopia Kickstarter.