This page shows the main download list of files including data cards, errata and FAQs, free add-ons and other material. Dream Pod 9 has a lot of files for download, so it is probably best to use the links below to narrow down your search.

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Tribe 8
File Size File Type Description
DP9-801 Tribe 8 Rulebook Errata 4.18 KB txt
DP9-808 Tribe 8 Word of The Pillars Errata 1.04 KB txt
DP9-819 Tribe 8 Revanch Errata 1.5 KB txt
DP9-825 Tribe 8 Player's Guide Errata 189.69 KB rtf
Tribe 8 Demo Game 639.46 KB pdf
Tribe 8 Maps 2.15 MB pdf

Maps of key regions in the Tribe 8 setting.

Tribe 8 Names 139.5 KB xls
Character Sheet
File Size File Type Description
Form Fillable Tribe 8 Character Sheet 349.33 KB pdf

Excellent form-fillable character sheet for Tribe 8 from Facundo Argüello.

Tribe 8 Character Sheet 31.97 KB pdf

Tribe 8 SilCore Character Sheet

Tribe 8 Character Sheet 43.25 KB pdf
Tribe 8 Character Sheet 31.97 KB pdf