Soldier Minerva Bonnie

One of the CEF's genetically engineered clones sent to conquer Terra Nova, Bonnie has moved on from piloting a hovertank to controlling a highly customized Wildcat Gear in the arenas of Terra Nova.
She often competes in the arena with her former gunner, Soldier Maxwell Clyde, and her side in his customized Boa. They have even kept their engineer from their old days, who now repairs their Gears.  


Banshee is a highly customized Grizzly featuring older round rocket pods and upgrade components.

Adrianne Bils

Ace pilot Adrianne Bils has had a long career with the Peace River military. After cycles of service with the Peace River Defense Force and later the Peace Officer Corp she now tours as part of a demonstration team as a publicity effort to improve Peace River's reputation amongst badlands communities.

Emili Royal

Trained by the Southern Republic Army, Emili left the service when it was revealed her brother had ties to terrorists. Scion of a wealthy family, she joined a Gear Sports team and became addicted to the celebrity life and various mood-altering substances. Her legitimate professional career ended as her team found her performance wanting and her drunken antics bad for the team's image. She took her Dartjager to Khayr-ad-Din and continued a downward spiral as a independent duelist for hire. 
The Interpolar War brought a new chance for her as she joined the Khayr-ad-Din Army, got clean, and found a new purpose in her life. Now Emili Royal still fights with KADA as well as offering her services to Arena teams that can afford a top-tier duelist.


Fond of flashy melee combat maneuvers, this Iguana is equipped with a pair of Vibrokatana.

Sadie Toepfer & Bowser

Sadie discovered her ancient Hunter while playing with other kids on a ranch in the Northern Karaq Desert. Enthralled by such an amazing find, she wasn't bothered by the Gear's decrepit condition and didn't realize she had recovered the legendary Bowser, an unusually intelligent Hunter. As she repaired her Gear she discovered it had some interesting habits, including walking off on its own at night and a refusal to start for anyone else but Sadie.
After her parents were killed in a skirmish during the Interpolar War, Sadie turned to underground dueling to keep her and her brother alive until they were adopted by experienced veteran Adriane Bils. Despite her young age (barely a teenager in Earth years) she has become a popular arena fighter with her unique Gear.


While Sledge is older Gear chassis, its pilot knows every quirk and tolerance of the design. Sledge takes it's name from the trademark hammer used to smash opponents.

Welcome to the Arena!

​Heavy Gear Arena​ is a change from the interstellar warfare of Heavy Gear Blitz to focus on closer, more frantic arena dueling events. Instead of advancing squads of mecha across the battlefield, take a closer role and step into the cockpit of a three meter tall Heavy Gear customized with flashy duelist weapons and wild paint jobs.

Heavy Gear Arena includes the basic game rules as well as rules to customize Gears and pilots. 

There's more to Heavy Gear Arena than just the arena combats: There is an in-depth campaign system to allow you and your friends to play through an entire dueling season as managers, trying to keep your Gear pilots and their machines ready to take on any opponents. In the campaign rules, players select a Manager archetype and build their character like an RPG.

The Heavy Gear Arena rulebook, which is incldued int he starter set or can be purchased individually, includes over 40 Gears ranging from work Gears like the Valence and Stone Mason up to the massive Cataphract.

Heavy Gear Arena - Two Player Starter Kit
Heavy Gear Arena - Core Rules

Heavy Gear Arena is a fast paced, highly customizable tactical battle game set in the award winning Heavy Gear setting. For centuries, Terra Nova's best pilots have taken their Gears, advanced robotic fighting machines, and pitted them against each other in the world of sports dueling. Only the best stay in the games and earn their legendary reputations. Of course, reputations only get you so far. Winning equals’ money for upgrading your team and its equipment, the support of your adoring fans brings fame and more importantly the corporate sponsors, or just the thrills, pilots come from all over to find the thing they're desperate for in Khayr ad-Din.
Take on the role of team manager and build up your team to pit against the competition.
What you'll find in Heavy Gear Arena:

  • Robust tournament campaign rules
  • Duelists capable of growing in experience and talent
  • In depth Gear Customization
  • Support Personnel to aid your team's growth
  • Fast paced combat with combo chains and Duelist Talents

This full color 112 page softcover book contains all of the rules needed to play Heavy Gear Arena.
In addition to the core rules, some six sided dice, and Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear miniatures are required for play. For two or more players, ages 8 and up.

DP9-9187Full Color Softcover Book