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Exclusive US Distributor for Retailers (Updated June 30th, 2015)

Dream Pod 9 has just appointed Golden Distribution as our exclusive US Distributor, with locations in Santa Clara, CA and Indianapolis, IN to serve our Retailers. Click here for link to the Dream Pod 9 section of the Golden Distribution website where you can contact them and open an account if you wish to order thru them. They with be stocking what we consider to be the Core Heavy Gear Blitz Products Only. Special order products should be made directly thru Dream Pod 9.

Dream Pod 9 Direct Retailer Accounts

Dream Pod 9 also sells directly to Retailers. This is to make sure that customers can get our products in stores. We will also continue to support the regular distribution network, although it may only stock our Core Heavy Gear Blitz Products Only. To make sure you can get the product you need to sell, in a timely manner, you can now ordered it directly from us. Our basic retailer terms are as follows. We'll also add you to our list of Retailers on the website.

Retailer Account Terms

Retailers must contact Robert Dubois at Dream Pod 9 by Phone (514) 523-1350 or Email "rdubois [at]", to setup a Retailer Account with Retailer's credit card info or other payment method, before they can place their first order. Retailers will be asked to provide proof of a physical store front; email us either a picture of the store front, copy of your business license, electric bill with the store's name and address, or some other proof. You can also scanned it and emailed it to us.

A link to the right has a PDF that you can download, print, fill out and fax back to us with your Retailer Info and Credit Card authorization.

All prices are in US Dollars (USD).

Orders can be placed by phone (514) 523-1350 ask for Robert, or by email using our most up to date excel order sheet.

All orders must be prepaid using VISA or Mastercard, PayPal or International Money Order before shipping. Please note you can't use the online store total for PayPal or Money Order method directly as it will charge you the full retail without any discount applied. In all cases we will get back to you via email with the total cost after all the discounts have been applied, before anything is charged.

Ordering Option: A link to the right has a Retailers Excel Format Order Sheet, with release schedule included, to make placing orders for Heavy Gear Blitz and other select products easier. Just download the excel file, the green text is editable, fill in your quantities and retailer address and phone number at the top right. The excel sheet calculates all the discounts and total cost at the bottom. Then save the file with a name like "yourstorenameDP9Order.xls" and email the file back to us at "rdubois [at]", also please mark in your email header "DP9 ORDER" so it is easy for us to spot. We will update these sheets as new products are released or older products go out of stock.

Retailer Standard Discounts on the SRP are 40% off Dream Pod 9 Books and Miniatures.

We have No Minimum Order for American and Canadian Retailers, but a basic shipping cost of $13.45 USD is charged on all orders shipped in the USA or Canada.

We have No Minimum Order for International Retailers, but a basic shipping cost of $13.45 USD is charged on all orders shipped to a forwarder in the USA or Canada. If shipping is required to an overseas location and exact shipping charge by US Post is charged to the International Retailer.

Dream Pod 9 ships out orders once a week on Mondays by Canada Post for Canadian Orders, using expedited service (takes about 1 week) and by US Post for USA Orders using Priority Mail (takes about 1 week).
In the event that an item is temporarily out of stock and can't be shipped within a week of the order being received the Retailer will be contacted.

Contact Information

To open a retail account with us, please contact Robert Dubois, at our main office by phone or email:

Robert Dubois
Dream Pod 9, Inc.
5000 Iberville, Suite 329
Montreal, Quebec, H2H 2S6

Phone: (514) 523-1350
rdubois [at]

Credit Card Info


Retailer Credit Card Form


DP9 Retailer Excel Sheet with Updated Pricing and Terms


Excel format order sheet.