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Dream Pod 9 now sells directly to Retailers. This is to make sure that customers can get our products in stores. We will also continue to support the regular distribution network, although some may not stock our products in the depth that we feel is appropriate. To make sure you can get the product you need to sell, in a timely manner, you can now ordered it directly from us. Our basic retailer terms are as follows. We'll also add you to our list of Retailers on the website.

Retailer Account Terms

Retailers must contact Robert Dubois at Dream Pod 9 by Phone (514) 523-1350 or Email " rdubois [at] dp9 [dot] com", to setup a Retailer Account with Retailer's credit card info or other payment method, before they can place their first order. Retailers will be asked to provide proof of a physical store front; email us either a picture of the store front, copy of your business license, electric bill with the store's name and address, or some other proof. You can also scanned it and emailed it to us.

A link to the right has a PDF that you can download, print, fill out and fax back to us with your Retailer Info and Credit Card authorization.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars (CAD) for Canadian Retailers and in US Dollars (USD) for American and International Retailers.

Orders can be placed by phone (514) 523-1350 ask for Robert, or on our online store once you create an account and have it upgraded to a Retailer account by us.

All orders must be prepaid using VISA or Mastercard, PayPal or International Money Order before shipping. Please note you can't use the online store total for PayPal or Money Order method directly as it will charge you the full retail without any discount applied. In all cases we will get back to you via email with the total cost after all the discounts have been applied, before anything is charged.

Ordering Option: A link to the right has a Retailers Excel Format Order Sheet, with release schedule included, to make placing orders for Heavy Gear Blitz and other select products easier. Just download the excel file, the green text is editable, fill in your quantities and retailer address and phone number at the top right. The excel sheet calculates all the discounts and total cost at the bottom. Then save the file with a name like "yourstorenameDP9Order.xls" and email the file back to us at " rdubois [at] dp9 [dot] com", also please mark in your email header "DP9 ORDER" so it is easy for us to spot. We will update these sheets as new products are released or older products go out of stock.

Retailer Standard Discounts on the SRP are 50% off Dream Pod 9 Books and Miniatures.

We have No Minimum Order for American and Canadian Retailers, but a basic shipping cost of $6.00 CAD/USD is charged on all orders shipped in the USA or Canada.

We have No Minimum Order for International Retailers, but a basic shipping cost of $6.00 CAD/USD is charged on all orders shipped to a forwarder in the USA or Canada. If shipping is required to an overseas location and exact shipping charge by US Post is charged to the International Retailer.

Dream Pod 9 ships out orders once a week on Fridays by Canada Post for Canadian Orders, using expedited service (takes about 1 week) and by US Post for USA Orders using Priority Mail (takes about 1 week).
In the event that an item is temporarily out of stock and can't be shipped within a week of the order being received the Retailer will be contacted.

Contact Information

To open a retail account with us, please contact Robert Dubois, at our main office by phone or email:

Robert Dubois
Dream Pod 9, Inc.
5000 Iberville, Suite 329
Montreal, Quebec, H2H 2S6

Phone: (514) 523-1350
rdubois [at] dp9 [dot] com


File Size Description
5 Gear Record Sheet 17.87 KB
Agammemnon 78.89 KB
Aller 189.82 KB
Aller 296.56 KB
Alpha update March 14th: changelog document 120.81 KB

This document lists in point form the rules changes between the Feb 13th and March 14th army list and rules updates. It is approximately complete but does not include all typos changes except where it affects the play of the rules.

Ammon 180.81 KB
Ammon 274.13 KB
Anolis Refit 239.46 KB
Anolis Refit 244.48 KB
Antiaircraft Guns 48.01 KB
Aphek 213.44 KB
Aphek 255.42 KB
Arena Crowd Strips (Grey Background) 1.22 MB

Arena Patrons ready to be cut out and placed in seats!

Arena Crowd Strips (White Background) 1.28 MB

Background decorations for Arena terrain.

Arena FAQ and Errata 930.29 KB
Arena Ramp Arrows 625.9 KB

Arrows to designate ramps.

Arena Sponsor Logos (Grey Background) 1.04 MB

Sponsor logos to help decorate Arenas. These can also be useful to provide signs and markings for other Heavy Gear terrain projects.

Arena Sponsor Logos (White Background) 1.06 MB

Large logos of various Terra Novan companies with white background.

Ares 96.37 KB

Special space-modified Black Talon Gear design.

Armiger CO-101 234.66 KB
Armiger CO-101 161.67 KB
Armiger FS-101 224.46 KB
Armiger FS-101 161.35 KB
Armiger RE-101 228.59 KB
Armiger RE-101 154.02 KB
Asp 264.51 KB
Asp 177.48 KB
Assault Mammoth 152.52 KB
Athena 97.29 KB
Badger 221.48 KB
Badger APC 176.1 KB
Badlands Python 284.51 KB
Badlands Python 233.57 KB
Badlands Rally Counters 694.82 KB
Badlands Rally Datacards 2.13 MB
Badlands Rally Full-Sized Map 2.28 MB
Badlands Rally Map Tiled 1.65 MB
Badlands Rally Reference Cards 1.14 MB
Badlands Rally Rules 7.26 MB
Bandit Hunter Klemm 220.35 KB

A variant of the standard Klemm fielded by the WFPA.

Bandit Hunter Klemm 194.68 KB
Barnaby Card Model 1013.77 KB

An amazing papercraft Barnaby Gear Transport courtesy Paul Lesack!

Bashan 285.84 KB
Bashan 176.16 KB
Basilisk 241.24 KB
Basilisk 179 KB
Bear 267.19 KB
Bear 235.06 KB
BF2-19 193.27 KB
BF2-19 338.07 KB
BF2-21 191.04 KB
BF2-21 329.04 KB
BF2-25 188.38 KB
BF2-25 202.77 KB
Black Adder 246.29 KB
Black Adder 183.02 KB
Black Cat 216.45 KB
Black Cat 216.45 KB
Black Cat 181.75 KB
Black Mamba 238.55 KB
Black Mamba 591.13 KB
Black Mamba MP 230.41 KB
Black Mamba MP 1.48 MB
Black Talon - Return to Cat's Eye Painting Guide 1.06 MB

Pages 75-77 of Black Talon - Return to Cat's Eye show pain schemes for CEF, Caprice, and Black Talon units with detailed step-by-step instructions for painting a Caprician mount.

Blank Datacard
Blank Datacard 308.59 KB
Blank Datacard 174.35 KB
Blank Datacard 187.52 KB
Blank Datacard 216.76 KB
Blank Datacards 173.15 KB
Blank Eden Datacard 177.39 KB
Blank Leagueless Datacard 174.53 KB
Blank PAK Datacard 177.33 KB
Blank Peace River Datacard 173.22 KB
Blank Southern Datacard 174.81 KB
Blank Utopia Datacard 176.63 KB
Blitz Counters 1.21 MB
Blitz L&L Dice Counters v2 248.8 KB

This printable sheet is designed so you can cut out the shapes included and fold them around 12mm dice to make your own Blitz dice and damage/effect marker dice.

Blitz Quickstart Counters Revised 1.21 MB
Boa 181.41 KB
Boa 221.13 KB
Bobcat 100.21 KB
Bobcat 182.98 KB
Bobcat 225.07 KB
Bonus Gear Krieg II NPCs 83.43 KB

New NPC stats for generic military characters from Paul Lippincott.

Bricklayer 101.41 KB
Bricklayer 263.17 KB
Bricklayer 263.17 KB
Bricklayer 182.41 KB
Bricriu 79.93 KB
Brimstone 67.18 KB
Brunnhilde 71.73 KB
Caiman 191.41 KB
Caiman APC 189.94 KB
Camel 91.24 KB
Camel Containters 572.07 KB

Great papercraft cargo containers for the Camel transport from Paul Lesack.

Captain Vassily Gregov 332 KB
Cataphract 197.25 KB
Cataphract 218.33 KB
Cavalier 88.76 KB
Cavalier Papercraft 1.09 MB

Papercraft Cavalier Walker from Jack Bell.

CEF Datacards 381.32 KB

CEF Datacards for Frames, Hovertanks, GREL Infantry and more.

CEF Type 99 92.33 KB
Cerberus 108.51 KB
CF6-16 196.69 KB
CF6-16 696.33 KB
Chameleon 295.15 KB
Chameleon 178.25 KB
Changelog (feb 13th) Alpha Playtest 228.83 KB

February 13th Updated Alpha Test files.

Character Sheet 298.93 KB
Chatterbox 87.81 KB
Cheetah 251.27 KB
Cheetah 228.01 KB
Cheetah Paratrooper 216.93 KB
Cheetah Paratrooper 188.5 KB
Chief Massimillano Gregorio 432.88 KB
Chieftain IV 147.1 KB
Cobra MP 179.74 KB
Cobra MP 275.53 KB
Colonel Cristobal Alta 441.69 KB
Combined Models 109.25 KB
Combined Models 96.74 KB
Comm Tower 407.15 KB

Paul Lesack's papercraft communciations tower model.

Command Koala 204.95 KB
Command Mammoth 265.58 KB
Command Mammoth 232.63 KB
Command Sidewinder 86.2 KB
Commercial Series 1.82 MB

Wonderful papercraft buildings from Paul Lesack designed to look like shops and garages.

Constable Golem 219.41 KB
Constable Golem 185.68 KB
Constable Golem 123.47 KB
Constable Golem 184.57 KB
Copperhead 180.58 KB
Core Command Character Sheet 67.21 KB

Silhouette Rules character sheet for the Core Command RPG.

Core Command OGL Character Sheet 66.56 KB

Core Command character sheet for OGL rules.

Counters 45.19 KB
Coyote 211.54 KB
Coyote 204.68 KB
Credit Card Info 45.91 KB

Retailer Credit Card Form

Crusader IV 223.46 KB
Crusader Mk IV 95.73 KB
Crusader Mk IV 210.09 KB
Curtis P-55 Ascender 49.02 KB
Dark Cheetah 278.76 KB
Dark Cheetah 211.23 KB
Dark Cobra 288.78 KB
Dark Cobra 215.03 KB
Dark Coyote 275.41 KB
Dark Coyote 195.53 KB
Dark Hoplite 312.45 KB
Dark Hoplite 205.19 KB
Dark Jaguar 260.14 KB
Dark Jaguar 188.47 KB
Dark Kodiak 205.64 KB
Dark Kodiak 218.19 KB
Dark Mamba 286.25 KB
Dark Mamba 216.06 KB
Dark Naga 211.51 KB
Dark Naga 337.53 KB
Dark Skirmisher 266.77 KB
Dark Skirmisher
DartJager 183.15 KB
Dartjager 85.77 KB
DartJager 279.13 KB
Datacard Maker 8.13 MB

Java Datacard Maker tool

Den Mother 260.61 KB
Den Mother 260.61 KB
Den Mother 245.08 KB
Desert Viper 180.7 KB
Desert Viper 243.78 KB
Desert Viper 87.03 KB
Dingo 172.91 KB
Dingo 231.6 KB
Donner 70.55 KB
DP9 HG Web Artwork Pack 2.82 MB

Images for fan sites and similar.

DP9 Retailer Sheet - November 15th, 2013 97.5 KB
DP9-105 Second Edition Duelist's Handbook Errata 688 bytes
DP9-106 Tactical Miniatures Rules Errata 3.6 KB
DP9-107 Raids and Raiders Errata 2.81 KB
DP9-301 Jovian Chronicles Rulebook Errata 570 bytes
DP9-303 Jovian Chronicles Mechanical Catalog Errata 521 bytes
DP9-304 Chaos Principle Errata 3.03 KB
DP9-314 Lightning Strike Rulebook Errata and Clarifications 3.42 KB
DP9-322 Lightning Strike 2nd Edition Rulebook Errata and Clarifications 1.45 KB
DP9-801 Tribe 8 Rulebook Errata 4.18 KB
DP9-808 Tribe 8 Word of The Pillars Errata 1.04 KB
DP9-819 Tribe 8 Revanch Errata 1.5 KB
DP9-825 Tribe 8 Player's Guide Errata 189.69 KB
DP9-900 Perk/Flaw List 49.17 KB
Dragonfly and Varis 89.88 KB

The Alpha play test Dragonfly and Varis units for addition to the North, South, Peace River, and NuCoal army list documents. These are very alpha at the time of posting.

Dragonstriker 122.52 KB
Drones 79.08 KB
Drones 709.28 KB

Drone vehicle descriptions.

Duelist Record Sheets 532.47 KB
Eagle Trooper 263.3 KB
Eagle Trooper 190.89 KB
Early Walker Papercraft 1.07 MB

Another great Gear Krieg walker papercraft courtesy Jack Bell!

Engineering Cobra 237.78 KB
Engineering Grizzly 235.69 KB
Errata for DP9-9104 3.5 KB
F6-16 337.69 KB
F6-16 234.16 KB
Fairey Firefly Mk5 66.63 KB
Ferret 219.7 KB
Ferret 204.89 KB
Ferret 204.89 KB
Field Gun 188 KB
Field Gun 313.43 KB
Field Manual Errata and FAQ 661.87 KB
Fillable Army Combat Group Sheet 174.66 KB
Fillable Campaign League Tracker Sheet 183.2 KB
Fillable Scenario Sheet 187.18 KB
Fire Dragon 193.87 KB
Fire Dragon 364.58 KB
Fleet Scale Datacards 453.31 KB
Forged in Fire Datacards 6.55 MB

Datacards from Forged in Fire

Form Fillable Tribe 8 Character Sheet 349.33 KB

Excellent form-fillable character sheet for Tribe 8 from Facundo Argüello.

Fury 79.4 KB
G-27 Walker Papercraft 991.11 KB

Another great Gear Krieg walker papercraft courtesy Jack Bell!

Gallery and Painting Guide 2.98 MB
Gear Kreig RPG FAQ 8.5 KB
Gear Krieg Buildings 2.78 MB

Papercraft buildings for Gear Krieg from the amazing Paul Lesack!

Gear Krieg Character Sheet 34.27 KB
Gear Krieg Counter Sheet 652.22 KB
Gear Krieg Demo Game 543.33 KB
Gear Krieg FAQ 30.77 KB
Gear Krieg Walker Weapons 800.3 KB

Jack Bell created these weapon add-ons for his papercraft walker models.

Gear/Vehicle Record Sheet 160.8 KB
General Early Vehicle Mode 72.67 KB
General Early Walker 86.21 KB
German Rocket Troops 44.51 KB
Giant Stonehead 340.68 KB

Another wonderful papercraft project courtesy Paul Lesack. This one is templates and instructions to build a giant stonehead.

Gladiator 155.66 KB
Gladiator 192.65 KB
Gloster G40 Pioneer 59.98 KB
Godsfire 73.83 KB
Green Mamba 179.36 KB
Green Mamba 284.31 KB
Grizzly 229.78 KB
Grizzly 249.51 KB
Hachiman 69.48 KB
Hamath APC 211.91 KB
Hamath APC 293.8 KB
Hardy Aller 193.01 KB
Hardy Aller 306.95 KB
HC-3A 223.13 KB
HC-3A 212.95 KB
HC-3A Command Car 192.39 KB
Heavy Gear Alpha April 11th update changelog 121.39 KB

A file that summarizes the changes to the core rules and army list files since the March 14th update.

Heavy gear Alpha Black Talons Army list (April 11th update) 223.74 KB

file contains all the information required to construct an army with Black Talon forces. One Black Talon combat Group may be included in any North, South, Peace River, NuCoal, Caprice, or Utopia and Eden armies.

Heavy Gear Alpha Caprice Army list (April 11th update) 193.23 KB

This file contains all the information required to construct an army with Caprice forces. Caprice units may be included in Utopian and Eden, CEF, and Black Talon armies.

Heavy Gear Alpha CEF Army List (April 11th update) 5.2 MB

file contains all the information required to construct an army with CEF forces. CEF units may be included in Caprice and Utopian & Eden forces..

Heavy gear Alpha Core rules v5.2 (April 11th update) 2.76 MB

This is the core rules document. It includes all basic rules, weapon attributes, traits, and a collated set of reference tables at the end.

Heavy Gear Alpha Game tracking sheet April 11th update 46.28 KB

A sheet to organize game notes for development purposes.

Heavy Gear Alpha North Army list (April 11th update) 5.47 MB

This file provides all the information required to create a North force.

Heavy Gear Alpha NuCoalArmy list (April 11th update) 5.29 MB

This ffile contains all the information required to construct a NuCoal army.

Heavy Gear Alpha Peace River Army list (April 11th update 5.73 MB

This file contains all the information required to construct a Peace River force.

Heavy Gear Alpha play test guidelines April 11th update 67.66 KB

A quick guideline sheet for players unsure about how to structure their play test responses.

Heavy Gear Alpha South Army list (April 11th update) 6.32 MB

This file contains all the information required to build a South force.

Heavy Gear Arena Quickstart 2.69 MB
Heavy Gear Blitz Beta Threat Values 1.57 MB
Heavy Gear Blitz Counters & Key 483.15 KB
Heavy Gear Blitz Counters and Key Full Page 760.72 KB
Heavy Gear Blitz Demo Reference Card 484.73 KB
Heavy Gear Blitz Errata 1.55 MB

This document has the most up to date errata published for Heavy Gear Blitz. It contains errata for all Blitz related books and Gear Up magazines (issues 1-6). Also in this document are the post 1940 upgrades from Return to Cats Eye and the CEF Heavy Tank Squad updated with the beta tv values. We will be updating this periodically.

Heavy Gear Blitz How to Demo Sheets 18.04 KB
Heavy Gear Blitz Optional Duelist Rules 1.31 MB

Optional rules for Duelists and Aces for Heavy Gear Blitz from Perfect Storm.

Heavy Gear Blitz Optional League Rules and Survivor Upgrades 1.21 MB
Heavy Gear Blitz Quickstart Rules 7.53 MB
Heavy Gear Counters 940.06 KB
Heavy Gear Miniature Rules Reference Sheets 185.47 KB
Heavy Gear Revisionist Church 2.08 MB
Heavy Gear RPG Character Sheet 95.79 KB
Heavy Gear SilCORE Character Sheet 55.23 KB
heavy Gear Tactical Optional Melee Equipment and Rules 1.63 MB
Hector 81.3 KB
Helitroops 46.67 KB
Hetairoi 217.33 KB
Hetairoi 254.4 KB
HGB Field Support Guide 4.26 MB

New Heavy Gear Blitz Field Support Guide with updated threat values, rules, errata, combat engineering, medevac and other squad options for the different factions. For use with the Heavy Gear Blitz Field Manual Rules.

HGB Rules Quick Reference 3.19 MB

Locked & Loaded-era Quick Reference Sheet

HHT-90 Overlord 379.72 KB

The CEF's massive HHT-90 Overlord.This is a two component vehicle with trial rules in Gear Up 4. 

Hired Guns 1.63 MB
Hittite 192.97 KB
Hittite 360.69 KB
Hoplite 208.44 KB
Hoplite APC 227.68 KB
Horton Ho-229 43.58 KB
HPC-64 175.28 KB
HPC-64 206.37 KB
HPC-64 APC 296.96 KB
HPC-64 APC 349.42 KB
HT-68 222.67 KB
HT-68 309.35 KB
HT-68 362.02 KB
HT-68 212.52 KB
HT-72 227.79 KB
HT-72 234 KB
HT-72 283.37 KB
HT-72 217.61 KB
Huang-Ti 93.73 KB
Hun 190.15 KB
Hun 313.44 KB
Hunter 246.76 KB
Hunter 144.92 KB
Hunter 223.25 KB
Hunter and Jager Demo Big Datacards 697.23 KB
Hunter Commando 187.81 KB
Hunter Commando 223.21 KB
Hunter Paratrooper 224.45 KB
Hunter Paratrooper 190.49 KB
Iguana 264.12 KB
Iguana 177.1 KB
Iguana Commando 260 KB
Iguana Commando 181.07 KB
Iguana MP 230.42 KB
Iguana MP 181.6 KB
Iguana Paratrooper 246.04 KB
Iguana Paratrooper 183.28 KB
Infantry Record Sheet 197.14 KB
Jager 181.03 KB
Jager 278.4 KB
Jager Paratrooper 182.67 KB
Jager Paratrooper 246.27 KB
Jager Paratrooper 246.27 KB
Jaguar 245.36 KB
Jaguar 206.96 KB
Jaguar 220.86 KB
Jaguar 245.36 KB
Javelin 66.47 KB
Jaxon 385.5 KB
Jaxon Support 195 KB
Jovian Chronicles Character Sheet 35.37 KB
Jovian Chronicles Lightning Strike Demo Game 463.21 KB
Kadesh 212.43 KB
Kadesh 286.03 KB
Killer Koala 204.28 KB
Killer Koala 189.01 KB
King Cobra 178.73 KB
King Cobra 254.36 KB
Klemm 227.87 KB
Klemm 191.51 KB
Koala 210.27 KB
Kodiak 224.41 KB
Kodiak 181.75 KB
L&L Quickstart Counters 161.37 KB
L&L Quickstart Rules (French) 1.97 MB
Lancer 70.61 KB
Landship Datacards 585.22 KB
LHT-67 206.19 KB
LHT-67 216.07 KB
LHT-67 326.13 KB
LHT-67 275.86 KB
LHT-71 207.77 KB
LHT-71 176.05 KB
LHT-71 295.37 KB
LHT-71 345.64 KB
Lieutenant James Karen 401.63 KB
Locked & Loaded Errata 1.58 MB
Locked & Loaded Quickstart French Revised 1.96 MB
Locked & Loaded Quickstart Revised 2.67 MB
Locked & Loaded Weapon Tables and Quick Reference Sheets 1.19 MB
Loki Vehicle Mode 72.13 KB
Loki Walker 90.47 KB
Long Fang Naga 154.8 KB
Longstreet Vehicle 80.48 KB
Longstreet Walker 57.68 KB
Longstreet Walker Papercraft 1.14 MB

Jack Bell's Papercraft Longstreet Walker.

Mad Dog R 187.07 KB
Mad Dog R 249.88 KB
Mammoth 301.11 KB
Mammoth 220.69 KB
Mammoth 155.31 KB
Man-at-Arms Golem 217.35 KB
Man-at-Arms Golem 219.72 KB
Man-at-Arms Golem 115.71 KB
Man-at-Arms Golem 224.28 KB
Manager & Duelist Sheets 539.91 KB
Map of Terra Nova 1.66 MB
Marshall Golem 210.83 KB
Marshall Golem 124.5 KB
Marshall Golem 219.05 KB
ME 163 Komet 45.62 KB
ME 209 56.33 KB
Meggido 218.44 KB
Meggido 295.46 KB
Military Series 2.68 MB

Paul Lesack's great papercraft military structures for Heavy Gear.

Mission Pack Card 191.55 KB
Mitsubishi J-7W1 Shinden 49.14 KB
Moab 177.98 KB
Moab 295.57 KB
Morgan Wilden 440.44 KB
N-KIDU Artie 368.42 KB
N-KIDU Artie 253.24 KB
N-KIDU C 127.24 KB
N-KIDU Dio 377.34 KB
N-KIDU Dio 267.78 KB
N-KIDU F 209.73 KB
N-KIDU F 131.19 KB
N-KIDU Polly 353.42 KB
N-KIDU Polly 240.59 KB
N-KIDU R 179.43 KB
N-KIDU R 157.19 KB
N-KIDU T 181.07 KB
N-KIDU T 162.59 KB
Naga 160.69 KB
Naga 215.65 KB
Naga 290.51 KB
Naval Support Aller 197.89 KB
Naval Support Aller 423.39 KB
Nicolai Lenin 73.88 KB
North Infantry 1.41 MB
North ORV Infantry 584.67 KB
Northern Infantry 92.94 KB
Northern Landships 339.99 KB
NuCoal Datacards 10.09 MB

Single file containing all datacards from Perfect Storm: NuCoal Field Guide.

Optional Silhouette Core Rapid Fire Rules 8.42 KB

Optional Silhouette Core Rapid Fire Rules

Owl C3 266.75 KB
Owl C3 191.91 KB
PAK Infantry 2.59 MB
PAK ORV Infantry 594.61 KB
Panther 348.12 KB
Panther 184.56 KB
Paper Terrain Pyramid 694.51 KB
Paper Terrain Ramp 557.95 KB
Pathfinder 77.84 KB
Pathfinder Command/Recon 81.79 KB
Pathfinder Sniper 78.99 KB
Peace River Infantry 1.77 MB
Pit Bull 211.46 KB
Pit Bull 191.31 KB
Player Card 137.3 KB
Pod Squad Standard Operating Procedures 2.72 MB

The 2013 Pod Squad Standard Operating Procedures.

Poseidon Battleship 75.32 KB
Python 180.95 KB
Python 232.34 KB
R3 Roughrider
Rabid Grizzly 231.69 KB
Rabid Grizzly 188.01 KB
Raptor Commando 280.83 KB
Raptor Commando 221.75 KB
Rattlesnake 181.79 KB
Rattlesnake 244.01 KB
Raven Scout 271.19 KB
Raven Scout 217.95 KB
Razorback 223.16 KB
Razorback 187.95 KB
Red Bull Mk II 283.8 KB
Red Bull Mk II 218.1 KB
Rep & Combos 4.22 MB
Retaliator 73.37 KB
Revisionist Church 2.08 MB

John Bell's amazing papercraft Revisionist Church.

Roundhead 93.96 KB
Roundhead Papercraft 1.15 MB

Jack Bell's Roundhead Walker papercraft!

Ryu 103.6 KB
Saggitarius 223.25 KB
Sagittarius 259.48 KB
Scenario Quick Reference 225.01 KB
SCF6-16 202.21 KB
Senior Ranger Vale Derrick 502.9 KB
SF6-16 231.64 KB
SF6-16 204.52 KB
Shan-Yu 84.47 KB
Shiki 38 Walker Papercraft 1.02 MB

Jack Bell's Shiki 38 Walker Papercraft.

Shiki 41 Walker Papercraft 1.03 MB

Jack Bell's Shiki 41 Papercraft

Shinobi 187.66 KB
Shinobi 242.65 KB
Sidewinder 242.74 KB
Signature Weapons 149.85 KB
SilCORE Character Sheet 49.61 KB
SilCORE Dice Probabilities 56.39 KB
SilCORE FAQ 180.47 KB
SilCORE Generic Weapon & Armor List 53.22 KB
SilCORE Heavy Gear Tactical Weapons 59.26 KB
Silhouette Core Cyberpunk Cybernetic Systems 54.91 KB
Silhouette Core Genre Description: Detectives 65.58 KB
Silverscale 458.42 KB
Silverscale 178.5 KB
Skirmisher 188.34 KB
Small-Sized Field Manual B&W Page 26 725.27 KB

This mpage was omited from a few first-printing small-format Field Manuals.

Snakeye Black Mamba 287.43 KB
Snakeye Black Mamba 181.38 KB
Snecma SE-500 54.36 KB
South Infantry 82.77 KB
South Infantry 1.42 MB
South ORV Infantry 578.1 KB
Southern Landships 268.13 KB
Spaceship Record Sheet 29.88 KB
Spitting Cobra 262.59 KB
Spitting Cobra 183.97 KB
Stone Mason 258.35 KB
Stone Mason 179.49 KB
Stormrider 67.79 KB
Strike Cheetah 210.25 KB
Strike Cheetah 183.97 KB
Stripped Down Hunter 256.94 KB
Stripped Down Hunter 190.92 KB
Stripped Down Jager 186.25 KB
Stripped Down Jager 355.44 KB
Survivor Card 78.27 KB
Syreen 69.83 KB
Tactical Weapon List 49.29 KB
Tengu 84.6 KB
Terra Nova Complete Map 1.06 MB
Terra Nova Globe 218.02 KB

Paul Lesack's globe of Terra Nova. (Some assembly required.)

Terra Nova World Map 1.06 MB
Tesla Turret 59.32 KB
Texture 1 58.23 KB

Texture to decorate Arena scenery.

Texture 1 58.23 KB

Texture useful for Arena terrain.

Texture 2 62.12 KB

Texture to decorate Arena scenery.

The Leagueless 2 MB

Excerpt from Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded. This can be used independently or with the rules in Perfect Storm, Forged in Fire, or Blood Debt to create Leagueless forces.

Thunderbolt Cruiser 85.26 KB
Thunderhammer 236.1 KB
Thunderhammer 193.71 KB
Tiger 183.33 KB
Tiger 213.7 KB
Tribe 8 Character Sheet 43.25 KB
Tribe 8 Character Sheet 31.97 KB

Tribe 8 SilCore Character Sheet

Tribe 8 Character Sheet 31.97 KB
Tribe 8 Demo Game 639.46 KB
Tribe 8 Maps 2.15 MB

Maps of key regions in the Tribe 8 setting.

Tribe 8 Names 139.5 KB
Turrets 544.38 KB
Tyburr 190.08 KB
Tyburr 229.02 KB
Uller 69.31 KB
Uller 103.68 KB
Updates 2.02 MB
Urban Series 2.1 MB

Paul Lesack's extremely cool papercraft urban buildings for Heavy Gear. 

Urban Series 2.1 MB
Utopia and Eden Army list for Alpha (April 11th update) 208.99 KB

This file contains all the information required to construct an army with Utopian or Edenite forces. Utopian and Eden units may be included in Caprice, CEF, and Black Talon armies.

Valence 194.83 KB
Valiant Strike Carrier 81.4 KB
Valkurie Vehicle Mode 83.89 KB
Valkurie Walker 76.23 KB
Valkurie Walker Papercraft

Jack Bell's papercraft German Valkurie Walker!

VCS Worksheet 479.25 KB

Helpful worksheet for the Heavy Gear RPG/TAC Vehicle Construction System.

Vehicle Construction System 1.26 MB

Heavy Gear Vehicle Construction System used to provide prices and Threat Values for new and variant vehicles for RPG/Tactical scenarios.

Vehicle Record Sheet 31.63 KB
Visigoth 193.46 KB
Visigoth 321.35 KB
Vulture Support 263.42 KB
Vulture Support 191.68 KB
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White Cat 212.01 KB
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An adventure for the Gear Krieg Roleplaying Game

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