Jovian Wars Kickstarter is Live - Beta Playtest Rules - Available Now!

The Jovian Wars Kickstarter is Live, here is a link to go check it out. Also the new Jovian Wars - Beta Playtest Rules Package is now available for free download on DriveThruRPG. Click the image or this link to get your copy and try it out.

New Plastic Miniature Army Boxes

The New Edition Heavy Gear Blitz Quick Start Rulebook, New Plastic Miniature Army Boxes (North, South, CEF, and Caprice), and Two Player Starter Box are now available to order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.

Jovian Chronicles News!

Several years back Phil sculpted some small Fleet Scale Lancer and Wraith Fighters for Jovian Chronicles. They were made for a planned Fleet Scale version of Jovian Chronicles, that was never completed, back around the time we did our Heavy Gear Fleet Scale game. We finally located the models that had been stored away and added a small ball socket hole on the underside of each of them. These small fighter 2 squad packs are now available to purchase for the first time. If we get enough interest (orders) for the new fleet scale fighters there will be fleet scale exos in the future and maybe a few new spaceships as well. Here is a link to the Jovian Chronicles Miniatures section of the online store for all interested in supporting a rebirth of Jovian Chronicles.

Plus, we also have some of the Jovian Chronicles 2nd Edition Lightning Strike Rulebooks and Companions still available for purchase.

Crowd Funding Pledge Total

$173,646 CAD

(Pledges as of March 13th, 2015)

Our Extra Crowd Funding Drive ended on March 1st 2015. Thank You All for helping us to unlocked the Kodiak and Ammon miniatures and add one of each to the Core Starter Set.

The Pledge Manager is now locked.

War for Terra Nova - Kickstarter

The Heavy Gear Blitz - War for Terra Nova - Plastic Miniatures Core Starter Set Kickstarter was successfully funded. We raised just over $150K CAD to produce molds needed to make plastic miniatures for our Heavy Gear Blitz Tabletop Wargame.

We will be doing some additional crowd funding to try and unlock a few more model molds for stretch goals not reached during the Kickstarter.


Jovian Wars Update: New Commodore Reward Level with Four New Ships Available!

We have decided to shake things up a bit today, as the Kickstarter stalled over the weekend. So the staff got together over Skype on Sunday to discuss Backer messages and feedback. We came to the conclusion that Backers want the new ships first and not smaller stretch goals with extra cargo, fuel pods, and parts, so we brainstormed and reworked the Kickstarter plan.

To get things moving again we have pushed forward the next four new ships (Narwal, Hammerhead, Forge, and Ypres) and hopefully with more ship variety the Kickstarter will attract more Backers and Pledges . All four ships are now available as Add-Ons for your Pilot, Captain, and Captain+All Exo & Fighter Squad Add-Ons Reward Levels with the extra pledge. Plus we have add two new reward levels (Commodore and Commodore+All Exo & Fighter Squad Add-Ons), all the details follow. Normally we should have reached the $14000 pledge mark to have all 4 of these ships unlocked so this will also be a test to see if enough Backers change their Captain level rewards to the Commodore level ones to get all the new ships. If its successful we'll do the same thing for the next group of five new ships (Hydra, Ch'in, Detroit, Corsair, and Intrepid) and announce new reward levels with them and the earlier ships.

Commodore ($160): This reward level includes All the Captain Level rewards and any of their unlocked stretch goals. Plus 1 of each of the four new resin spaceship miniatures included in the Commodore Rewards plus any unlocked stretch goals for the ships. It also allows you to select and pledge for any Add-Ons you want (spaceships will also included any unlocked stretch goals for them as well). Fixed shipping cost based on Backer location will charged after the Kickstarter has ended.

Commodore +All Exo & Fighter Squad Add-Ons ($260): This reward level includes All the Captain Level rewards and any of their unlocked stretch goals. Plus 1 of each of the four new resin spaceship miniatures included in the Commodore Rewards plus any unlocked stretch goals for the ships. Plus all 8 CEGA Exo & Fighter Squads and all 8 Jovian Exo & Fighter Squads from the Add-Ons. It also allows you to select and pledge for any other Add-Ons you want (spaceships will also included any unlocked stretch goals for them as well). Fixed shipping cost based on Backer location will charged after the Kickstarter has ended.

We also updated the Pledge Calculator Excel File to include the new ships in the Add-Ons list and added the two new Commodore Reward Levels at the top, here is a link to download the updated excel file.…/JovianWarsKickstarterPl…

Plus we updated the image on the campaign page with side views of the all ships and ruler at the top to include the 4 new ships, check it out below.

Some other news, Dave is currently work on some force examples for CEGA and Jovian Fleets of ships and exo/fighter squads. Once they are ready with post links to them. We also also working a graphic with all the fleet scale exo-armors and fighters painted up, so Backers can see how nice they look painted.

Thank you for all your support, keep the comments and feedback coming, so we can continue to improve the Jovian Wars Kickstarter. And please continue sharing our posts and news with friends and other players online to help get the word out to everyone!…/jovian-wars-resin-spaceship-m…

More News…

Jovian Wars Update: Initial Funding Goal Reached - Now Onto The Stretch Goals!

A Big Thank You to all our Backers, we reached our Initial Funding Goal of $9000 this morning. Now its onto Stretch Goal 1 ($9500) to add a Habitat Section to the Constantinople and Stretch Goal 2 ($10000) to add a Habitat Ring Section to the Alexander. See the image below for what the ships will look like once the Habitat Sections are added.


Jovian Wars Pledge Calculator

Jovian Wars Kickstarter Pledge Calculator excel file.


Happy Valentines Day!

Dream Pod 9 wishes everyone a Happy Valentines with our "Be My Valentine Jovian X-O Sweets" box of chibi exo-armor chocolates, by artist John Bell.

Make sure you treat your loved ones today, so you can treat yourself tomorrow to some Jovian Wars Kickstarter exo-armors and spaceships.

The New Jovian Wars Beta Playtest Rules Package is Now Available!

We just uploaded the new Jovian Wars Beta Playtest Rules Package ebook to the DriveThruRPG site. We add it as an update to the Alpha Rules, so everyone that previously download the Alpha should have received an email from DriveThruRPG letting them know that an update is now available for free download.


Heavy Gear Blitz New Edition News and Downloads

Click here for news on the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz which is currently under development. With Alpha/Beta playtest downloads of the new rules and armylists. Get involved in the playtesting and help us make the new edition the best miniature game out there!

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Recent Press Releases

Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts Brings Landship Battles to the Tabletop!

Dream Pod 9 and Fusion Core Studios LLC are pleased to announce a licensed collaboration to develop a new fleet scale miniatures wargame: Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts.

Heavy Gear Assault second Alpha Wave Announced


Stompy Bot Productions has just announced a second Alpha Wave, here is their news release.


Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game Press Release

Press Release

Returning to the Heavy Gear Universe: Twenty Years of Heavy Gear Roleplaying

Montreal, QC 03/05/2014

Dream Pod 9 is pleased to announce a multi-year exclusive license with Arkrite Press LLC for the Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game as well as a line of RPG miniatures and models to support game play. Additionally, Arkrite Press LLC is licensed to publish Heavy Gear fiction and merchandise in a variety of mediums.

“Dream Pod 9 has been focused on the development of Heavy Gear Blitz, a dedicated tabletop miniatures wargame, and currently has a new edition in development. Heavy Gear has always had a strong roleplaying component that we and the fans have always wanted to bring it back with the attention to detail that it deserves. Arkrite Press LLC has the vision and experience to bring back the roleplaying game in a way that it deserves. Greg Perkins and Jason Dickerson of Arkrite Press LLC have been key members of Dream Pod 9’s creative team and development, and both of them have a passion for the setting and the drive to give the roleplaying game the time and effort it deserves.”

Robert Dubois, President of Dream Pod 9

“Arkrite Press LLC is thrilled to be able return the fans to the world of Heavy Gear roleplaying. Greg Perkins and I are huge fans of the original source material, and we have wanted to see the roleplaying game back in active development for as long as we have been collaborating. We hope the fans enjoy what we have planned for the game and look forward to hearing from them. Be sure to check out our website for weekly updates!”

Jason Dickerson, Co-owner of Arkrite Press

About Dream Pod 9

Dream Pod 9 is a Canadian game publisher based out of Montreal, Canada and has created multiple titles including Heavy Gear, Gear Krieg, Jovian Chronicles, Tribe 8, and Core Command. Dream Pod 9 is owned by Robert Dubois.

About Arkrite Press LLC

Arkrite Press LLC is an American publishing company based out of Murfreesboro, Tennessee and is co-owned by Greg Perkins, Dream Pod 9 art director, and Jason Dickerson, Dream Pod 9 line developer.

About Heavy Gear

Heavy Gear is a rich science fiction setting featuring giant robots with dynamic combat mechanics and fast paced gaming. The setting has spawned dozens of sourcebooks, a comprehensive miniature line, two video games with a third in development, and an animated television show.


Stompy Bot Productions And Mektek Studios Announce Heavy Gear® Partnership

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK — Feb. 15, 2013 – In a new direction for the mecha genre, Heavy Gear Assault will combine over-the-top combat with the pageantry and spectacle of gladiatorial games, delivering a  AAA world-class sporting and gaming event for fans.  Stompy Bot Productions, Inc. is publishing and MekTek Studios, Inc. is developing this online, multiplayer title for the PC.

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