Thank You All - Venus Forces Kickstarter a Great Success!

You can still visit the campaign page at the following link.


Pledge Total: $48,039.00 CAD (updated on May 22nd, 2019)


DP9's Extra Funding Campaign for our Peace River & NuCoal Core Plastic Miniatures is now live on the DP9 Pledge Manager website. Our Kickstarter raised over $40K CAD, unlocking our initial funding goal and numerous stretch goals, but not the $50K CAD goal we really wanted to reach. Hence our Extra Funding Campaign, please support Dream Pod 9 as an Outside Backer and pickup a new plastic miniatures army for Peace River, NuCoal, and/or Utopia at $70 CAD each, or one of our other great Backer reward level deals and maybe a few Add-Ons as well.

Login and create your pledge manager account, select your reward level and any add-ons and then checkout paying your pledge and fixed shipping cost. Backer reward packages are expected to start shipping in Summer 2019.   


HGB Kickstarters Update: Utopia, Peace River & NuCoal Molds Plastic Test Pops Preview!

The Utopia, Peace River & NuCoal plastic injection molds have been assembled and are now in testing by the manufacturer. They did the test pops of the plastic robot sprues this week and took photos, which we are sharing with this update. They have shipped off the samples of all the test pop robot sprues to Montreal and we expect them here the end of this week. We'll then check them out, noting all the issues we spot, put them together to test the parts fit and do some test painting as well. Its important to note that these are test pops of the plastic sprues made by the injection mold manufacturer to find issues and get them fixed before delivery of the molds. You will see some parts (arms, legs, etc.) have dimpling on the sides as not enough plastic made it into the parts cavity and the gates to these parts will need to be enlarged and new test pops done. This is all part of the manufacturing process, once they have our comments on these test pops they will make fixes to the molds and then do more test pops to send us for our eventual approval and shipping of the molds to Canada. Where a local plastics manufacturer will pop all the plastic spures for us this summer.


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Feedback Friday April 5th 2019 - HGB Rules 3.0 ALPHA v1.6 Update!

This will be the last Feedback Friday for the HGB Rules 3.0 ALPHA. Now we'll take the text and start layout of the new HGB Quickstart Rules Version 3.0 as BETA. In a few weeks we'll return with new Feedback Fridays posts to discuss the 3.0 BETA layout and get it just right before the official HGB Rules Version 3.0 full color book is published this summer. After that we'll update the HGB Living Rulebook to Version 3.0 this summer.

Peace River & NuCoal Kickstarter Update: Mold Parts, Housing Preparation & EDM Parts - Plus Painted Jackal, Spartan & Mameluk Minis!

Small update today with some photos below, which the mold production company sent us. Including the plastic injection steel mold parts before they are assembled into the 3 molds, that will each weight over 600 lbs when finished. Photos of the mold housing having holes drilled for the ejector pins and its other side with the large cavity where 4 robot sprue plates will be mounted. Plus a photo of a few EDM parts that have been made in preparation for the EDM process to burn the fine robot details into the mold plates.

Utopia Kickstarter Update: Support Armiger, Recce Armiger, & Commando Drones Mold Plates 3d Models Preview!

Its been a while since our last Utopia Kickstarter update, the mold production company is now working on the Utopia robots mold. If your also a backer of the Peace River and NuCoal Kickstarter, you'll have seen the updates with mold plates now being cut and our news on the delay in shipping backer reward packages, which we'll repeat below.

Venus Kickstarter Update: Gao Tzu, Shan Yu, Tsar, and Senator Spaceship Minis!

We received the first copies of the Venus Gao Tzu, Shan Yu, Tsar, and Senator resin spaceships this week. You can checkout photos below of them all assembled and mounted on acrylic posts and bases. The Shan Yu Battlecruiser looks really deadly with all it weapons deployed and hangers either open or closed. Plus, we have parts photos of each of the 4 spaceships as well.


Heavy Gear Blitz New Edition News and Downloads

Click here for news on the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz which is currently under development. With Alpha/Beta playtest downloads of the new rules and armylists. Get involved in the playtesting and help us make the new edition the best miniature game out there!

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