HGB - Tabletop Wargaming - Beta Rules (Pre-Order)

The Beta Rules are the beta version of the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz that is currently in development.
Includes: New rules system, with streamlined combat resolution for faster game-play! New army construction system with new support unit options available to combat groups. New Veteran and Duelist options for your armies. All the faction armies in one book: North, South, Peace River, NuCoal, Leagueless, Black Talon, CEF, Caprice, Utopia, and Eden. Plus Faction Sub-Lists for the WPF, UMF, NLC, SR, MD, HA, ESE, PAK, and many more. Listing of all Faction Models with all the stats you need to play.
DP9-9333, 134 B&W Pages, Small A5 Format (5.83" x 8.27") Softcover, $14.99
ISBN: 978-1-927334-94-2
It's available now for Pre-Order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store and will start shipping August 8th.
The free ebook version will go live on August 8th as well.

Gear Krieg Minis Back in Production this Month

The Gear Krieg miniatures are back in production for the month of August. Complete your collection now, before the production molds are put back in storage for another 6 months. 

Here is a link to their order page on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store for everyone interested.

Rumble in the Jungle is Live

Arkrite Press has just announced the release of their first book entitled Rumble in the Jungle, which is now available in ebook format on DriveThruRPG, click here for its ordering page.
Follow the adventures of Jan Augusta and his unit as they track the elusive, deadly, vat-grown super soldier Colonel Proust through the jungles of the Terranovan badlands in this first Heavy Gear novella. Then join Soldier Roskiman on his trek into the desert to discover his fate, in the bonus short story, Roskiman’s Tale.
Available as a digital purchase for $4.99 (includes PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats, plus topography and satellite maps as separate PDFs) or paperback and digital bundle for $7.99.

Returning to the Heavy Gear Universe: Twenty Years of Heavy Gear Roleplaying

Dream Pod 9 is pleased to announce a multi-year exclusive license with Arkrite Press LLC for the Heavy Gear Roleplaying Game as well as a line of RPG miniatures and models to support game play. Additionally, Arkrite Press LLC is licensed to publish Heavy Gear fiction and merchandise in a variety of mediums.

Badlands Rally Available Now!

Dream Pod 9's new Badlands Rally Gear racing board game for 2 to 4 players is ready to go. Includes 4 Rally Gear miniatures (assembly & painting required), hex map, rules booklet, rally datacards, reference cards, counters and 6 dice. Available now on the DP9 Online Store

Hetairoi Hovertank

Fast and well armed, the Hetairoi brings firepower where it's needed. Developed by the Humanist Alliance, the hovertank is used by both the South's Humanist Alliance Protector Force and NuCoal Factions. Forged in Fire: Southern Field Guide introduced a redesigned Hetairoi and the new sculpt is based off the new art. The miniature is cast in high grade resin and pewter and includes the standard weapons loadout, Command and Force variant upgrade parts.

Hun Light Tank, Ballista, Hittite and Recon Hun

The Forged in Fire Southern Field Guide introduced a new redesigned Hun Light Tank and variants with new artwork. These new sculpts of the Hun Light Tank, Ballista, Hittite and Recon Hun are based off the new artwork. Each new miniature is cast in high grade resin and pewter and includes its standard weapons loadout.

New Caprice Task Force Deal!

This bundle can act as an excellent starter for a Caprice force with enough Mounts to build a Patrol Squad, a Support Squad, and a Heavy Mount squad with a full infantry platoon as support. 

DP9 Online Store Exclusive Price: $194.95 CAD (a savings of $86.05 off the SRP + 1 Free ebook)

Heavy Gear Assault Stomps onto the Scene!

StompyBot and Mektek have announced their plans for the upcloming Heavy Gear Assault game including a pledge drive to fund development and reward the fans. Check out the new heavygear.com web site for more information and make your contribution!  


Gen Con Week Promotion is here again

Dream Pod 9 will be attending Gen Con 2014 this week (August 14th to 17th) in Indianapolis. If your attending as well, stop by and say hello at our booth (#1904) and try out a demo of the New Edition Heavy Gear Blitz Tabletop Wargaming - Beta Rules.
We'll have plenty of copies of the Beta Rules and Gen Con 2014 Headhunter miniature at Gen Con, but only limited quantities of the Scimitar, that we were able to cast up and shipped out last week. Fusion models will be casting up more of the resin parts for the kit during the week. We'll be taking orders at the show for the Scimitar and any other products we run out of and be giving free shipping on those orders, to make up for the limited quantities. DP9 Online Store and Gen Con orders for the Scimitar will be filled in the order that they are received, so we suggest getting your online orders in as soon as possible.
Our Gen Con Week Promotion, runs from now to Wednesday August 20th, with a few specials available on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store and at Gen Con. All our Heavy Gear Blitz Squad Box Sets for the various factions are now $10 OFF. All the HGB Faction Army Boxes (normally priced at $99.99 to $114.99 each) are now just $94.99 USD each. We have added two options to the Faction Army Boxes, the first option is you can select to swap all the older books and/or ebook download codes (Field Manual book, Locked & Loaded book, Black Talon book, Forged in Fire ebook, Perfect Storm ebook, Blood Debt, and Lion's Wrath ebook) normally included with them for a copy of the New Edition HGB Tabletop Wargaming Beta Rules (DP9-9333) book, which includes all the faction armies, for no extra cost. The second option lets you keep the Army Box contents (older rules, books, and ebooks) as they were and you can add a copy of the Beta Rules book to the order for the special price of just $11.99 USD. Lastly, for those not able to attend Gen Con, we have the Gen Con 2014 Headhunter miniature along with the 2013 Chieftain IV, and the 2012 Razorfang Black Mamba available for Gen Con Week only on the DP9 Online Store, get yours now.
Plus remember that our Summer Promotion of free shipping on US and Canadian orders over $50 and International orders over $100 is still on. And that you'll be earning Pod Reward Points on all items purchased of $10 value or more. If you've ordered with us since new Online Store when live in late 2013, use a few of the reward points on checkout for some additional savings.
The Dream Pod 9 office will be closed from Monday, August 11 to Wednesday, August 20th for Gen Con Week. We'll be back in the office on Thursday, August 21st, processing and casting up orders, our next scheduled shipping day will be Monday, August 25th.

More News…

New Peace River Infantry

New Peace River Infantry are now available for Heavy Gear Blitz. With all new sculpts of the Infantry Platoon, and for the first time a Special Infantry Pack and Infantry on Bikes Platoon Pack. All of these are now available on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store for ordering.

New Single Packs

New single miniature blister packs are now available for the Badlands Rally Gears and all Heavy Gear Arena minis previously available only as twin or two packs. They can be found in Badlands Rally section or their Faction sections of the DP9 Online Store.

Badlands Rally Landing Page

We've got a landing page for Badlands Rally up as of today! Check it out for downloads including the rules, map, and more. 

We should be updating this as additional support for Badlands Rally becomes available.

Blitz Visigoth and Visigoth Khan

September Releases of the Blitz Visigoth and Visigoth Khan are now available to order on the Dream Pod 9 Online Store.


Heavy Gear Blitz New Edition News and Downloads

Click here for news on the new edition of Heavy Gear Blitz which is currently under development. With Alpha/Beta playtest downloads of the new rules and armylists. Get involved in the playtesting and help us make the new edition the best miniature game out there!

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